By the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)

For Peace in Sudan in General & Darfur in Particular



Human Rights & Basic Freedoms:


1- Commitment to human rights according to the traditions, values and principles included in the international human rights conventions and treaties.


2- Confirmation of the acknowledgement that Sudan is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious country.


3- Citizenship in Sudan as the basis for rights and duties, including the right to vote and be elected for all leading positions and posts.


4- The system of governance shall be federal and democratic, based on political pluralism, the rule of law, independence of the judiciary and the principle of separation of powers.


5- Guaranteeing the freedoms of expression, association, formation of political parties and non-governmental associations for all the Sudanese, without any discrimination.


6- Guaranteeing the codification of full basic rights for women and children.




Participation in Power & civil services:


1- The Adoption of peaceful transition of power as a strategic option, meant to secure the stability and unity of the nation, and transparency and accountability in governance.


2- Assuring the establishment of national and regional criteria and modalities for the distribution of power and wealth which should positively reflect on the unity and diversity of the nation.


3- The implementation of a federal system of governance for all the six regions of the Sudan which shall allow for democratic self-governing by every region, within a united Sudan. Such regions are: the Central Region, the Northern Region, the Southern Region, the Eastern Region, Darfur Region and Kurdofan Region. The status the national capital (Khartoum) shall be considered as 7th special region

4- Participation by the regions in the central power, which shall be according to a national criterion based on the population of every region, as well as any other criteria to be agreed upon, provided that all the regions shall participate in governing the national capital and occupying the federal public positions in accordance with the population proportion for every region.


5- The restructuring of the armed forces in order to guarantee its national composition and orientation, and limit its role to the defense of the nation, provided that college and other enrollment for recruitment in the armed forces shall be in accordance with the population proportion for every region.




Participation in Public Wealth:


1- Commitment to an equitable distribution of the national wealth, according to national modalities and criterion based on the population proportion of every region, as well as any other criteria to be agreed upon.


2- A special proportion of the national wealth shall be allocated to support the development and infrastructures of war-affected regions and areas.


3- Guaranteeing the positive concern and attention by the State towards the Sudanese citizen, who shall be the essence and target of development efforts, particularly in relation to the following:

(a) Free education.

(b) Free primary health care and fully free health care for the poor.

(c) Guaranteeing the right of job and equal access to employment at profitable wages.

(d) Enjoyment of security.



Transitional Measures:


1- Release of all detainees, arrested, accused and convicted persons in relation to political and security cases.


2- The transitional period shall be three (3) years during which the two movements shall retain their forces to assure the implementation of the agreement, provided that the two movements shall have the right to rule Darfur during such transitional period.


3- The formation, at the beginning of the transitional period, of a Government of National Unity, out of a Supreme Council (to be constituted of the President of the Republic and a vice-President representing each region) and a Council of Ministers, provided that the two movements shall have the right to participate in the governance of the Sudan including the state of Khartoum.


4- General elections shall be held within two years for the election of the President of the republic, the Regional Governors, members of the National Legislature and members of Regional Legislatures under regional and international supervision

5- Drafting a national constitution during the transitional period, through a national conference in which all the six regions of Sudan shall participate.


6- The prosecution of war criminals and perpetrators of genocide at international court.



Darfur Region:


1- Guaranteeing the unconditional repatriation of all internally displaced persons (IDPs) and Sudanese refugees to their original places of abode, which shall be reconstructed, rehabilitated and prepared for sustainable living, as well as the provision of full compensation for losses of lives, property and belongings according to international criteria.


2- Allocation of a substantial proportion of national oil and other financial revenues for the development and reconstruction of Darfur.


3- Recognition of the tribal land ownership and tenure (hawakeer) at their geographical boundaries and administrative jurisdictions, provided that all Sudanese citizens shall be guaranteed the right to benefit from all lands for cultivation, pasture or living.


4- Taking necessary steps for the organization of the Sudanese nomad tribal pastoral routes (massarat), and the provision of safe passage for their persons and animals.


5- Reinstatement of Darfur geographical and administrative boundaries to those of 1956.


6- An acknowledgement and apology public and written by the Khartoum government to the people of Darfur for the war crimes, genocide and human rights violations committed in Darfur.



International Guarantees:


1- Assuring the provision of international and regional guarantees for the implementation of the peace agreement to be reached by the two movements and the Sudan Government.




1- The agreements to be concluded between the Sudan Government and the two movements (JEM & SLM) shall be part and parcel of the national constitution.