Women’s International Day – You are a Mairam and an Ummo

Women’s International Day – You are a Mairam and an Ummo

Osama Mahmoud

The 8th March is yet another important calendar date. A day to reflect on the trait of constant giving. It is a day to remember those who in spite of all life difficulties are able to rise above the challenges. A day to celebrate the achievement of women through out history in all sectors. A day to recognise the hidden issues that hold women back from pursuing their dreams and goals. A day to celebrate those courageous women of all ages who are fighting injustice and are advocate of human rights.

A day to remember the women living in war torn areas, in IDP and refugees camps. Those who face harassment, imprisonment, torture, FGM, rape and killing. A day to celebrate the promoters of women rights and those who raise their voices to seek equal rights for their sisters, daughters, friends and loved ones. A day to remember the women victims of Bashir crimes in Sudan in Darfur and beyond; the victims of systematic rape in Taweela and Tabit. A day to celebrate the high achieving women, in all sectors, the teachers, businesswomen, scientists, doctors, self employed, doctors, engineers, house makers etc…

A day to celebrate, to remember and to reflect…

Thanks to all the mothers, grandmothers sisters, daughters partners and friends. The Mairam* and Ummo*.

*Prestigious titles from western Sudan heritage/ culture_*

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