Justice and Equality Movement Sudan (JEM) Condemns the Human Rights Violations in Central Darfur at the Hands of GoS tribal militias.

Justice and Equality Movement Sudan (JEM) Condemns the Human Rights Violations in Central Darfur at the Hands of GoS tribal militias.

A video clip showing Government of Sudan tribal militias called Rapid Support Forces abusing civilians in Arttal Village in Central Darfur.

A short video clip surfaced on social media in the last couple of days showing a dozen of Rapid Support Forces (RSF) tribal militias taking a whole population of Artal village of indigenous Africans hostage and subjecting to an inhumane and humiliating physical torture and mistreatment. The story goes back to the Government of Sudan initiative of total disarmament of individuals and groups in Darfur.

As a result, the innocent people of Arttal village, men in particular, were assembled in the outskirts of the village, asked to kneel and were interrogated under all sort of physical and psychological abuse in utter violation of their basic human rights. The video clip clearly shows civilians being beaten while guns were pointed at their heads. The tragic incident is by no means an isolated one. it is glimpse of systematic established policy adopted by GoS to terrify and subdue the civilians of certain ethnic groups to succumb and accept its demographic engineering policies. To obtain maximum result in within a limited time span, GoS gives savage tribal militias and bandits to rein over the targeted civilian populations with maximum brutality. The so-called Rapid Support Forces, a well equipped tribal militia under the direct command of the ICC fugitive President, are the ones who enthusiastically carrying out this callous and degrading mission.

Justice and Equality Movement Sudan strongly condemns the Government of Sudan and its tribal militias atrocious crimes and their continued blatant violation of human rights and appeals to the international community to use all the means at its disposal to stop these outrageous violations of international humanitarian law. The victims in Sudan are in dire need of protection from the acts of rogue criminal Khartoum regime. The vulnerable civilians of the marginalised regions, in particular women and children who make the majority of the population of IDP camps, deserve the application of the principle of “need to protect”.scattered across Darfur. they are equally in an ever need for relief and humanitarian assistance.
In addition, JEM and its allies in Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) and Sudan Call are working with the rest of Sudanese political forces and civil society organisations to see into it that fundamental freedoms in the country are restored and basic human rights are upheld in Sudan. Such an objective is not attainable without reinstating democracy and the rule of the people.

Osama Mahmoud
JEM Media Secretariat
Facebook: JEM Media Page

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