JEM Categorically Denies Involvement in the Civil War in South Sudan

حركة العدل و المساواة السودانية

(Justice & Equality Movement Sudan (JEM


JEM Categorically Denies Involvement in the Civil War in South Sudan

Justice & Equality Movement Sudan (JEM) incidentally came across  a statement issued by Lt. Col Addison Arkangelo Musa, SPLA-IO spokesperson for Sector Seven-WBGF on the 19th of Feb 18 claiming that the forces of JEM attacked their forces and engaged them in a battle on the same date that resulted in causalities. Below is our response:

  • This is nothing but a blatant fabrication that has nothing to do with truth. JEM has not even heard of the said incidentexcept through Lt. Col Musa’s statement.
  • JEM categorically denies any involvement in the civil war in South Sudan and has no intention or interests that make her party to it in the future.
  • We request our brothers in SPLA-IO to double check their information and sources before issuing such baseless statements that tarnish their owncredibility.
  • Though our brothers in South Sudan chose to have their independent state as a
  • result of the war imposed upon them for over forty years, the majority of Sudanese still feel that they are one people with shared history and destiny. Therefore, we all wish to see the civil war there come to an end at the earliest date with a peaceful settlement that halts the bloodshed and redirects the scarce resources of the youngest nation for reconstruction and development.


Gibril Adam Bilal

Secretary for Information/Spokesperson

Justice & Equality Movement Sudan (JEM)  

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