SRF demands immediate release of Margaret Schenckel

SRF demands immediate release of Margaret Schenckel

It’s reported that Ms. Margaret Schenckel was abducted by anonymous group in Darfur on 8 Oct 2017.

– It’s obvious that, like in several previous abduction cases took place in Darfur, the Government of Sudan have neither disclosed the identity of the perpetrators nor empl

oyed any significant efforts to save the life of Ms. Margaret Schenckel but it rather adopting the proverbial monkey’s tricks.

On behalf of the Sudan Revolutionary Front(SRF), I would like to express my deepest solidarity with Ms. Margaret Schenckel, her family and the people and Government of Switzerland and unreservely condemn in strongest possible terms this heinous act of abduction and call for her immediate release.

Ms. Margaret Schenckel, is an elderly innocent humanitarian activist who devoted her life to help the desparate vulnerable sectors of our people in Darfur. She is Mother Teresa of the day and a messenger of mercy who deserves adoration not abduction. The masses of Darfur have been hugely outraged by the disgraceful act of her abduction. I appeal to every one to a hand of help for her immediate unconditional release.

Those who have been keeping her captive are by all means enemies of the people of Darfur who love and admire her profoundly. They are equally the enemies of humanity who are determined to deprive the underprivileged from the invaluable services she has been relentlessly delivering to them.

This barbaric act certainly constitues a crime against humanity that is punishable by international humanitarian Law. I earnestly urge the international community to exert maximum pressure upon the Government of Sudan to shoulder its responsibilities and move swiftly to secure her safe release.

Mini Arko Minawi

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