Darfur Union in the UK: Belgium Government is Consulting Genocidré Ambassador Mutrif Siddig on the Fate of Sudanese Migrants at Detention Centres in Belgium

Darfur Union in the UK: Belgium Government is Consulting Genocidré Ambassador Mutrif Siddig on the Fate of Sudanese Migrants at Detention Centres in Belgium

After the recent rise of hostilities by the government in Sudan against the people of Sudan in Darfur, Blue Nile State and Nuba Mountains plus the prosecution of Students in the White Nile State and in the capital Khartoum, some of the world powers seem turning a blind eye on the crimes committed by GoS on the soil of Sudan. More worrying is that the desperate Sudanese from the marginalised areas fleeing the oppression of Bashir regime by making the dangerous journey from Africa to Europe, are now having to be assessed by their oppressors in Europe, and Italy and Belgium are the prime example.

Sudanese Ambassador to Belgium, Mutrif Siddig, is also GoS highest envoy to the European Union, has been chosen carefully for this post to be Bashir eyes in Europe. He has open channels with the Belgian government to bush on Sudan role on “tackle migration from the Horn of Africa to Europe” on the back of the so called Khartoum Process.

Mutrif and his team at the Sudanese embassy in Brussel were called last week to verify the identity of some 80 asylum seekers from Sudan, before they are deported to Khartoum. Alexis Dessofan from Human Rights Watch of Belgium said this is a direct violation of Human Rights by the Belgian government, the prime minister Charles Michel, his Foreign Minister Didier Reynders and Theo Francken, the Belgium’s Asylum and Migration State Secretary.
It is not safe to remove Darfuri Asylums from the UK to Sudan. The case of Mohammed Ahmed, Sudanese Darfuri asylum returning from Israel was evident of the violence facing returning asylum seekers to Sudan. He was killed in cold blood by NISS at their office on his return to Khartoum (Khartoum international airport).

Furthermore, back in February 2016, the African Union pledged 1.8 billion euros (granted by the European Union and the UK, ref. 1) to tackle the migration crisis, mainly from Africa to Europe. 100 million Euros was directed to Sudan to implement policies and projects that will help limit the flow of migrants from and travelling through the country. Sudan when along and build prisons in eastern Sudan, in the desert, near Sawakin, and returned refugees from Italy and migrants crossing Sudan from the Horn of Africa were detained there in inhuman conditions. Their only escape route is to give money to the prison guards. Women and children over there are the most vulnerable groups. Reports of human trafficking and missing individual surface regularly from there.

The aforementioned initiative, turned project, failed to acknowledge the root cause for migration in Africa in general and specifically in Sudan. The government of Sudan has been waging war against its people over the last two decades. As of December 2015, Sudan had approximately 3.2 million internally displaced people, which was the world record for that year.

*Who is he?*

Matrif Siddig is one of the main players of National Congress Party behind the war waged against the civilians of South Sudan back in the 90s. He was among GoS delegation to meet Osama Bin Laden in Hyderabad, Pakistan in more than one occasion in the early nineties which open the floodgate for the influx of extremists from around the world to Sudan.
Mutrif was also one of the main masterminds behind the failed assassination attempts of the former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak back in Addis Abba
in June 1995 (ref. 2).

Moreover, he was the GoS chief negotiator to get Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army from Uganda to the area of Bahar Alarab at border between Sudan and South Sudan as a retaliation/ ammo against the Ugandan regime.

Mutrif made his way through the ranks of the National Islamic from from young age by becoming a member of the Front during his university years in Sudan as he was known as the notorious violent members of the Front particularly during debates with others at the Maine Avenue, University of Khartoum. The most infamous assault by him was that against a member of Sudan Republican Brotherhood Ahmed Mustafa Eldali, back in the seventies. Elddali is now residing in the US and is the head of the Republican Brotherhood.

Mutrif made it to the top after 1999 split of the National Islamic Front and he became one of Bashir trusted allies. As a reward, he held the post of deputy head of National security Abroad after he successfully transformed the NISS prisons into the notorious Ghost houses.

In short Mutrif Siddig is Bashir dirt handler and Wikileaks (ref. 3) cables about Sudan mentioned that there are unconfirmed reports suggesting that Mutrif name is amount 51 others from Sudan which will be indicted by the international Criminal Court.

*Conclusion and a Plea*

Therefore, any attempt in making Mutrif and his team coming close to the vulnerable people at the refugees centres across Belgium is a criminal act that will never be forgiven and activists across Europe and globe, and Darfur Union in the UK is among them will seek justice by reach out to European court of Human Rights, ICC, UN, the Attorney General of Belgium.
Darfur Union in the UK calls upon all the activists in Belgium and Europe to put pressure on the Belgian and Italian governments to keep GoS away from the diaspora as well as to refrain from committing human rights violation by removing them to Sudan.
Furthermore, the presence of Mutrif Siddig in Belgium is a risk not only on the Sudanese refugees in Belgium but on Belgium and its people given his track records with regards to terrorism.

A copy of this statement will be sent to the following:-

Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Belgium
Attorney General Office – Belgium
FCO – The Sudans Desk
Head of Communications for Fatou Bensouda Office and Darfur Desk – ICC
European Court of Justice
European Count of Human Rights
The State Department – Sudan and South Sudan Desk
Darfur Union in Belgium

Press Office – Darfur Union in the UK
Website: https://darfurunionuk.wordpress.com
Email: darfurunionintheuk@gmail.com
Twitter handle: @darfurunionuk

Ref. 1:- Darfur Union in the UK Stands on the Proposed €100 million Grant to Sudan to Tackle Migration

Ref. 2:-
Mubarak narrowly escapes gunmen



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