JEM Statment on Postpoment of lifting sanctions

Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) Statment on Postpoment of lifting sanctions..

The Justice and Equality Movement would like to explain it’s position on the postponement of partial lifting of the American economical sanctions on Sudan untill the 2ed of October
2017 as follows:-

In principles, JEM not against lifting the economical sanctions imposed on Sudan if there are any guarantees that lifting the sanctions will minimize the suffering of the people and revive the deteriorating economy of the country.

Lifting the sanctions in the current circumstances of Sudan will provide additional resources to finance the war, recruit more tribal militias and encourage the regime to continue confiscating the fundamental freedoms ; violate the basic human rights and enable the corrupt elements of the regime to steal the resourced of the people and transfere them abroad as well as enable the regime to use the benefit of lifting the sanctions to support the ruling party.

JEM asks the American Adminsntration to link lifting of the economical sanctions to tangible and observable tracks of peace processes which provide humanitarian assistance to the affected population; human rights and fundamental freedoms; and democratic transformation; in addition to cooperation in combating terrorism; and participate positively in the stability of the region. The period of the three months is a good opportunity for the armed conflicting parties to conclude monitored comprehensive agreement on cessation of hostilities; opened corridors for humanitarian supply and engaged in serious negotiations to achieve just and comprehensive peace.
Such move which will guarantee lifting the sanctions ; remove Sudan from the list of state sponsoring terrorism, cancel the external debt cannot be achieved unless the regime shows political will and determination towards peace; otherwise there is no need to lift the sanctions if the records of regime continue to show the miserable violution of human rights and basic freedoms.

Gibril Bilal

The spokesperson.

13 July 2017. London.

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