JEM welcomes the appointment of a new head of UNAMID

JEM welcomes the appointment of a new head of UNAMID


The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) welcomes the appointment of Mr Jeremiah Nyamane Kingsley Mamabolo as Joint Special Representative for Darfur and head of the African Union- United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur(UNAMID).

JEM expresses its readiness to fully support; cooperate and closely work with the new chief to bring about peace and stability in the region, at the same time, reminds the new chief that although the protection of civilians represents the core mission’s mandate, the developments on the ground and the events that occurring regularly clearly indicate that the mission is far behind the level of physical protection of the conflict affected population or response to civilian under imminent threat, the attacks on civilan in Nertiti and Geniena were clear manifestation of what we are saying, therefore; more work to be done to enhance and increase the capacity and availability of the UNAMID forces to respond and protect the civilian under immediate threat.

The tasks of the missions cannot be achieved unless there is a lasting peace, as the mission’s Joint Special Representative and mediator your role is crucial; and the existence of a comperhensive genuine peace process is essential, without such process; it will be highly unlikely to protect the civilan, achieve durable peace, monitor or investigate human rights violations or combat impunity.

Ahmed Tugod
JEM Chief Negotiator.

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