Would the revolution be final solution

Hassan Ahmed
Each revolution is phase of change in life of human being , the revolution is refusal way in political social religious life , it is aim to go safe bank for the people not for specific individuals in the community which decided to make the change in it by all ways , but when you see the strugglers who trade the wishes and hopes , you have to realize the road is not paved well by the principles and the ethical rules , so they abuse those principles to cheat whom wait for the elastic dream , the voices of freedoms and social justice raise highly then will come down at the same time ..

Strugglers of revolutions always accuse their colleagues in the revolution , they are part of the government ,because of what , they have criticised them immediately , in front of them , not behind them , the truth is hot meal , no one could swallow it from the first time , the real revolutionaries always are obliged the principles , when accusations would be exchanged , be sure , there is some thing wrong is going on or taking place in the camp of revolution ..

When we realize that , other wise the collapse took place among the fighters , the sorrow action in this world , the majority liar or the majority silent desire to play on contradiction platform , because the square of transparency and the ethical is spoiled by the selfishness then greediness .Whom always pretend the struggle , they have masks of tyranny inside them selves , but they show acceptance of difference or they say the phase never bears any direct discussion about the mistakes and wrong doings ..

But is this true obstacle ? No , it is not true , the truth could not accept the vague patience or the vague transparency absolutely ,according to me the dark locations would be lighted , with raising of torches highly over the temple of deception , no neutral with cheating of others , the others must reject this opportunism behavior , it is fault to keep it inside them to protect the new dictators ..

The revolution should be inevitable , should be real revolution , have to get rid of the vendors of illusion in the markets of brokers in our countries ,who sell the illusion could not establish respectful country , so what can we do ? ,what we can do have to say the bitter truth in front of them , if they refuse or accept that , we must write what the do not want it in our articles ,newspapers ,magazines ,in radio , television , what make who pretend the revolution angry ? When they find them selves in face of truth , it is like harsh hot spices , their stomach had addicted the snack meals , what I mean by that ? It is the political hypocrisy , the hollow voices that created forcible chants …

The roads of revolution like way is full of thorns , it is always thorny by setbacks , when the sun rises up ,all the cheaters , the liars , the pretenders will disappear , them selves build future of their daughters , sons abroad , the refugees and displaced people will wait the real mirage or water of devil ,they are thirsty of dream ..


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