Would al-Bashir Put an End to the War in Sudan or not that is the Question

Dr.-Mahmoud-A.-SuleimanBy Mahmoud A. Suleiman

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The reader shouldn’t believe that weare in this window in an attempt to cite the poetry of the famous English poetand novelist William Shakespeare in any way. Nevertheless, some racingthoughts occurred from the position where they have been trapped making metaking this approach in the opening of this article. There seems to besomething in the air as we near the turn of the year 2016, which the winterchill can’t quite dispel!

The NCP regime President OmerHassan Ahmed al-Bashir threatened and made an ultimatum of putting an end torebellion by the end of December 2016 by force unless the rebels came endorsingand signing the outcomes of the National Dialogue; the rebel groups continuedemanding justice and equality in power and wealth sharing in   Sudan
withoutmarginalising any Sudanese community while the International Community keepslip service based on intersecting interests of respective countries with thedespotic entity in Khartoum. But the real question is what will move Sudancloser to lasting peace?! The answer abstains tight lipped! In other words, theanswer to those questions remains under wraps of the eternal oblivion! Sincethat is that, who would put the bell around the Lion’s Neck, borrowing from thefolklore Wisdom gleaned from traditional animal stories.

The ruler of the NCP regime OmarHassan Ahmed al-Bashir has continued to threaten the armed rebel movements withdoom and gloom and annihilating them by the time he tended calling ‘the hotsummer’ unless .they give up armed rebellion, surrender and enter into a peace process he prescribed without any concessions. It is worth noting that therebel factions took up arms more than a decade ago regarding the issue of thepeople of Sudan in Darfur.

Moreover, the regime of theNCP-led by the genocidal criminal Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir decided to takethe Janjaweed militias who have already carried out the crimes of genocide inDarfur, as new notorious proxy war tools and renamed for camouflage theRapid Support Force (RSF) led by a former criminal mugger and armed robber, nowbeing promoted to the rank of a Major General, similarly to the Major Generalin the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF). However, the loyalty of this militia fallsunder the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) and has nothing todo with the (SAF). It is a known fact that NISS, which is the Intelligence andSecurity Services, its first and last allegiance is to Omar al-Bashir whogenerously bestows unlimited amounts of money from the Sudanese public purse.The reported figure amounts to four times the budget allocated for Educationboth Public and higher education and about six times the health budget.The total budget allocated for the (RSF) amounted to 3 billion and 220 million Sudanesepounds to support the Janjaweed militia forces. The RSF operates throughoutSudan including the Far Nilotic regions besides Darfur, Nuba Mountains, BlueNile Ingessana and Sudanese-Libyan borders. Furthermore, and as it is wellknown that the European Union (EU) had paid a large sum of money to the regimeof the NCP to fight illegal immigration coming from the Horn of Africa throughSudan and then to Libya to EU countries. The money paid by the European Unionwas estimated as 100 million Euros. That amount of money has been transferredto the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), led by former Janjaweed militia commanderMohammed Hamdan, better known as “Hamitti”. Moreover, the ruling regime of theNCP suffered from institutionalized corruption which led to bankruptcy and theaccumulated foreign debt which made Omer al-Bashir survive on begging andengage in mercenary warfare in which Sudan participated in the Saudi Arabia ledwar in Yemen, code-named Operation Decisive Storm. What was referred to aboveindicates without doubt that the genocidal criminal fugitive from internationaljustice and the global pariah , Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir has taken wars astools for survival, and as well as his character of advocating warlike policiesbecoming a warmonger par excellence. Omer al-Bashir remains responsible forwaging civil wars of attrition against the Sudanese civilian population in theregion of Darfur since February 2003 and followed by warfare in the two territoriesof South Kordofan or Nuba Mountains along with his never-ending war inIngessana of South Blue Nile State. Worse to come is that Omer al-Bashir andhis regime besides warmongering, he is famous for reneging covenants heconcluded and signed with parties in dispute. This trait of revoking peace agreements signed caused prolongation ofthe civil wars in Sudan. Ndjamena and Abeche in Chad, Abuja in Nigeria and Dohain the Gulf State of Qatar where peace agreements signed but reneged by the NCPregime, remain witnesses. Other obstacles to peace in Sudan include the NCPdelegation to Addis Ababa. In spite of the acceptance of the armed oppositionto go to the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa shuttling the round trip to attendthe meetings, which the former South African president Thabo Mbeki, thepro-Bashir regime, calls for did not succeed because the National CongressParty (NCP) delegation did neither has the desire nor the authority or mandateto enter into real serious negotiations leading to sustainable peace to resolvethe intractable issues of Sudan.

Besides igniting the senselesscivil wars of attrition ruling regime of Omar al-Bashir imposes repressivedraconian laws against all kinds of freedoms in the country, such as freedomsof speech, press and assembly and peaceful protest where the security services– NISS- arbitrarily arrests opposition members in the political parties andactivists and placing in prisons and subject them to the oppression and torture. The massacre of September 2013 when theNCP riot forces killed in cold blood more than 200 peaceful protestors in Sudanstands vividly as a witness to the insistence of Omar al-Bashir adherent to theprinciple of shoot to kill using live ammunition anyone who dares to oppose thearbitrary and failed policies of his regime. The Sudanese people who famed for initiating uprising and oustingdictatorial regimes in 1964 and 1985 are capable to bring about politicalchange again. The three-day public political event planned from 27 to 29November 2016 under the banner of ‘Civil Disobedience’ proved success.  It was followed by another similar event onMonday December 19, 2016 to coincide with the 61st Anniversary ofthe Declaration of the Independence of Sudan from within the Parliament onMonday 19 December 1955. It is noteworthy that Abdulrahman Mohamed Ibrahim Dabaka,Member of the Parliament and Deputy for the Nyala Baggara Electoral Constituencywas the first who proposed Sudan’s independence from the Anglo-EgyptianCondominium from inside the Parliament.

Omar al-Bashir and his regime arein the belief that the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) would ensure the survival ofhis ruling of Sudan and continue in power forever protecting him fromapprehension by the International Criminal Court (ICC) and subjects him totrial at The Hague on the background of the heinous crimes his regime committedagainst the people of Sudan in Darfur. It is worth mentioning that Marshal OmerHassan Ahmed al-Bashir admitted that he only killed ten thousand and not threehundred thousand citizens as claimed by the enemies of Sudan.

The Sudanese people representedin their various components and in their political affiliations and segmentsneed to acknowledge the fact that the genocidal criminal Omar Hassan Ahmedal-Bashir will not give up power in Sudan as long as the ghost of theInternational Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague continues haunting him. Furthermore,of the tricks and plots that Omar al-Bashir woven to distract the Sudanese peoplefrom the important issues that concern them, preoccupy their minds and prolonghis stay in office ruling Sudan forever. In order to achieve that end,al-Bashir announced the so-called national dialogue or Wathba, at the beginningof 2014. Wathba turned out to be a series that has no end. The outputs of the‘National Dialogue’ p roved devoid of the dialogue liabilitieslonged to by the Sudanese people. Worse, the final conference of the Wathba atthe Friendship Palace in Khartoum in October 2016 renewed the term of officefor Omer al-Bashir to rule Sudan until the year 2020! And thereby the elephantgenerated a rat, as the saying goes!

Mehmet Murat ildan (MMI), the Contemporary Turkish Novelist& Playwright, Thinker), Member of the International PEN Writers was quotedas saying “There is no difference between a rabid dog and a warmonger!”http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/3164882.Mehmet_Murat_ildan

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