Why Africans hide the heads on the sand?

Hassan Ahmed
I have read article in weekly newspaper The East African on December 17- 2016, for writer called TEE NGUGI, under title of ( What can the AU and Will Soyinka do to put the Jammeh genie back in the bottle?).

This article of Tee, reacted me so much, about behavior of our leaders in the continent, Why they lose the morality, when it be so clear, what about the real democracy, human rights issues, respecting of what written in constitutions, the implementation of facts will always find true setbacks.

I will quote this quotation from his article, at the beginning, it was question, according to Lee NGUGI, he said, let me preface this column with a question addressed the African Union: If Yahya Jammeh’s refusal to accept defeat precipitates violence in the Gambia, and the ICC indicts him, would that be further proof that the international court is an imperialist court that unfairly targets Africans?.

The question is a smart, it puts this African organization under umbrella of a moral question, why always the voices raise?, When the court asks to charge whom committed atrocities against innocent peoples, all of them stand together to refuse accountability, they repeat without conscious, this court acts imperialism only, Me disagree with America and Europe foreign policy, at many points, Those Policies of Europe and America depend on the interest only, many of these countries dealt with dictators presidents in Asia, Africa, and Latin America too, they realize that, they are dealing with killers all over the world, that is reality of international politics.

But African leaders should realize, the African civil wars in the continent, caused by their failure, spread of corruption, mismanagement, violations against people, these crisis did not cause by some one out the continent, firstly, the African leaders might confess, they have failed to do, what they promised peoples, instead of blame the outsiders, secondly, who will get justice for thousands of innocent killed deliberately during the civil wars, genocides had been committed?.

The question of writer Lee, should get answers from Africans leaders, where are their roles?, When many of their peoples died or killed extrajudicial? Who look for the justice? with out just justify, the west is targeting them, they call for collective withdrawal from international criminal court, they don’t want be responsible in front of their people, a clear example, Sudanese president Omer Albashir, he always repeats the west targets him, as he refuse to knee down to them, I mean the West, he has been accused of genocide , crimes against humanity in Darfur. Final question, who killed more than three hundred thousands in Darfur west of Sudan?, I don’t think the west, When our leaders learn how to be responsible about these dangerous issues in out continent.

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