The power in Africa has special smelling

Hassan Ahmed
I think, I was so optimistic, When I wrote an article about the last Gambian election, the defeated president Yayha Jammeh conceded the defeat, then next year January the winner candidate Adama Barrow will take chair of presidency. Suddenly Jammeh refused the results, he required re elect another round.

Definitely, what the defeated Jammeh expressed, it has brought international condemnation, many leaders from all over the World, ask him to confess the reality of loss elections, it seems, the winner Barrow, he is a convinced the inauguration will go peacefully, with out frighten Gambian people, if the defeated Jammeh became persistent, his country will be on bottle neck, many politicians thinks, Gambia will drag to fire of barrel, majority refuse any reckless decision could affect this a tiny country in West of Africa.

Group of West African leaders have paid visit to Gambia to contain this unthinkable situation, stop any trial take it to wrong direction. I hope, Jammeh to read it by opened mind, and looks at decision like this, I need Gambia avoid any civil war, Jammeh’s respect this final result will make history glorifies him as a respectful loser.

At other side Ghana’s election was a wonderful, got many appreciations, the defeated president accepted it easily, then Nana Akufo Addo is next president, Why Jammeh learn lesson from Ghanian symbol ?, although Gambia is not like Ghana, Ghana has successful democracy in West of Africa. If the transitional government transfers peacefully, that will be first step toward Gambian democracy.

Journalist and activist

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