The dawn of change in Sudan

D12-428 - CopyThe dawn of change in Sudan
“It always seems impossible until it’s done”, a wise saying by our honorable freedom fighter and outstanding liberation icon Nelson Mandela, this wisdom is defining our current political situation in Sudan, the civil disobedience which has been conducted by Sudanese people on 27th of November this year was perfect and well done, again people are arranging a second civil disobedience which will be carried out on coming 19th December , the overwhelmed pressure which the regime of Omer Al-Basheer is sing against its own citizens drove them to take a practical step to change the regime ,Sudanese people are facing tough challenges, civil war in Darfour, South Kordofan and South blue Nile, it implies that Sudan as a country cannot stay united under the administration of this regime, NCP (the governing party) has no justifications to provide regarding the deteriorated economy, people are facing ghost of death on daily basis as a result of lack of security, food and medicine. The most important factor that motivated citizens and let them confront with the government is the unaffordable cost of medication and high prices of medicines especially those related with curing chronic diseases in addition to unlawful killings of civilians in war affected areas.
Hence Sudanese nation has come to the point that no solution for the political and economical crisis unless this regime is removed, failure has covered all aspects of life in Sudan. Individuals, politicians and social activists have put their efforts together with some active opposition parties to go for civil disobedience in order to over throw the regime, it’s the first time since 1989 opposition succeeds in acting against NCP and achieves the target which is (change) that horrified Omar Al-Basheer, it is a warning message that he should understand immediately, the reflection of this message has been seen in the gathering of (Kasala) the second largest city in eastern Sudan when the president declared his threat to his people some days back when he said: (whoever wants to confront with us should not hide behind the cyber, what’s app and social media, he should face us physically), he was deliberately meaning that activists and civilians who will participate in any type of demonstration will be faced by force, people were laughing and making fun of their president as he couldn’t differentiate between the meaning of civil disobedience and demonstration, in the coming turn of civil disobedience civilians will not go in rallies to show their rejection of Omar Al-Basheer regime, luckily they imposed a new way of opposing NCP government, it is the (Civil Disobedience), the scary tool that let the president discloses his real intention towards those who oppose his regime, at this time Sudanese civilians will not offer him a single chance to slaughter them in the streets of Khartoum as he did in September 2013.
A new dawn of freedom and prosperity is rising up these days, all Sudanese people are collaborating to fight this illegitimate government, this collaboration which is of various Sudanese ingredients has never been since the coup of Omar Al-Basheer took place and threw away the elected government in the 30th of June 1989, the collective determination to throw away Mr Basheers regime has become well observed in recent time, the talk of citizens nowadays is all about feeling bored of their government and their serious attempts and procedures to have an alternate transitional government to save them, the general opinion is concentrating on change rather than reforming from inside , till near past there were some voices sponsoring the idea of maintaining solutions from within government institutions and its allies, especially those who were involved in the sessions of the so called “National Dialogue” a reconciliation conference which has been declared and looked after by the president two years back, currently the indication of comprehensive change has become clear and obvious, this clearness can be noticed through the great enthusiasm of the activists in social media and individuals in streets.
Fundamental change is emerging in Sudan, the international community should take these emergencies into consideration, when people reach such a phase of weariness and boredom of their governing politicians foreign organizations and activists must support them, the suffering journey to liberation and establishing the state in which human rights are granted is a responsibility that should be shared by international community, Sudanese are raising a hand for mankind to stand by their side to win their battle against Basheers regime in order to achieve democracy, freedom, human rights, elimination of corruption and ethnic cleansing.

Ismail Abdullah

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