Reckless decision

Hassan Ahmed
A final results of Gambian elections, and refusal of defeated Yahya Jammeh, it made the current situation in this tiny state so risky that will create tension at any time, after visiting western African leaders to convince him to step down then accept the results.

It seems, Yahya Jammeh doesn’t care about the worry of these countries, but western African countries tried to threaten him by intervention, I think, this decision in Gambia, it is not wise and irresponsible at the same time, because reaction of Jammeh was very dangerous to leaders of Western African, he said, no one could tell him, where he goes, this message from him, could be explained, he doesn’t accept the final results of former elections, also will take military action against any country, has desire to intervene by force, because this is supremacy of state , could lead to civil wars and spread out side.

Therefore, only way to address the peaceful tools between Gambian parties, it is not logical, countries as western bloc, to use weapon of intervention, if the defeated president has been a reckless, that could announcement war against Gambia, the Gambian army will join to Jammeh to defend their country, by the way, this intervention will divide Gambian, this is first signal of civil war , yes, refusal of elections is betrayal from Jammeh, after he conceded the defeat, western countries should be more resilient not restricted to case, we don’t need another civil war in any African nations, we are tired of killing among us, we are tired to see refugees, internal displaced peoples, we are tired to see our sisters and brothers drown in Mediterranean Sea again, please we need to care about their peoples, not to take to wrong direction.


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