Punishment of confiscation

Hassan Ahmed
When the Sudanese activists have decided to show the civil disobedience as weapon of civil revolution in Sudanese, after the ruling National Congress Party has decided to lift the subsidies of fuel, medical drugs, and also the commodities, the Sudanese security apparatus decided to punishment newspapers by the confiscation.

Many Sudanese daily newspapers were confiscated with out mention the reason, and many journalist were dismissed from working in newspapers, the veteran journalist Hassan Farouq from newspaper of public opinion was dismissed last month of November, with other journalists, because Hassan Farouq was chief of department of sport in newspaper of public opinion, Hassan Farouq was so clear and honest of civil disobedience in Sudan.

Aljareeda daily newspaper was subjected of confiscation of Sudanese security apparatus, since beginning of civil disobedience last November and beginning of December, the Sudanese security apparatus had red lines, it doesn’t want the newspapers to exceed it, as example, criticism of ruling party, the violation of human rights in wars zones, Aljareeda one of the most Sudanese newspapers suffer of deliberate confiscation, the major line of Aljareeda to say and write the truth, the truth of writing in Sudan is crime against a law of state. Some newspapers could praise policy of government, they could be safe of confiscation then subjection of daily monitoring.

Although daily challenge of confiscation from National Security and Sudanese Service, the journalists of Aljareeda and other journalists will be on line of dream of change in Sudan, many writers have faced the dismissal from the job of journalism, but their attitudes of just and equality among Sudanese peoples made them to be honest with themselves, in Sudan never marginalizes peoples on base of religion or race and tribe, I will congratulate Aljareeda for a clear stance for all Sudanese peoples.

Journalist and Activist

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