Gambians deserve the salutation

Hassan Ahmed
I was expecting the Republican candidate Donald Trump to win the last American elections, but the former Gambian president Yayha Jammeh to lose the elections from his contender Adama Barrow, was surprisingly winning as the BBC had written on its website.

About my expectation for Trump, during the campaign, he was talking about the feeling of White American, he touched their hearts directly, without usage a tactic politics, he was talking about their fear, America raped by Chinese industry, the problematic of illegal immigrants and the Islamic terrorism too. These were issues made White American to take decisive decisions toward reckless policies Democrat under Obama’s administration according to the Americans who voted for him, I mean elect president Donald Trump, will take office in the White House next year January.

Meanwhile, loss of former Gambian president was out my thinking, because, my simple experience in politics, it assured, the African leaders who stuck in power for long time, it is hard for them, to lose easily, they have enough power to obstruct any legal procedure to stay power, for example, President of Democratic Republic of Congo, Kabila postponed the elections, it should be last November, it was blatant violation of Constitution, lastly, his counterpart of Burundi did the same thing, when he changed it, to take the third, look at Burundi now at brink of war.

Yayha Jammeh, this year committed atrocities against the politicians, activists, some of them died at the custody, some of them escaped to neighbouring countries, all means of communications dominate by his government, in Africa leaders who are ruling, control every thing, only thing leave for the people the hidden fear.
Because of real marks, I have distanced any hope for Adama Barrow to win the Gambian elections.

The final results made many people shocked, for me, Yayha Jammeh, himself confessed the loss of elections, it is very respectful move to us, it is a rare to find something like that.

Also Gambian people presented lesson for our leaders, staying in power for long time, doesn’t mean the change never comes, Gambians made that victory for us in the black continent at this temporary time.

There are also useful lessons, we could learn it from last Gambian elections, the fear could kill the desire of change, long time on presidency chair, it just came true by oppression people to forbid them to express, what they want say, finally, the only peoples might decide what destination will go, not by excessive power and terrorization the peoples, I appreciate this brave and respectful move of Gambian people for his victory.


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