Psychology of the hypocrites in the America election

Hassan Ahmed
the voices of deception have raised high, when elected American president has been next president.
Some of hypocrites and liars seem, they are very angry about the final result in the united states of america. according to me , no difference between the two big parties Republican or democrat, their foreign policies are clear in Middle East, Latin America or Africa and then Asia. How America could get the more benefits and others go the pool of fire.
Because of that, the idea should be clear. I agree with his frankness, his speaking about the American policies, that means Trump is not recent phenomenon, he is expressing the silent majority who are pretend more humane.
Some who commented on my pages, they have thought, they could try to cheat or play on the stage of emotions. They are lying to themselves just. Yes Trump talked about the immigration, problem of Muslims in the United States of America, Building wall on Mexico and America border, these issues always dominate the policy of America, when the elections will close.
America had launched wars against Islamic terrorism since era of J W. Bosh until the ended period of Obama, who involved in wars in Libya and Syria against the Islamic state(Daesh), Obama’s reckless decision has destroyed Libya after toppled Qadafi,
Some people say, Trump is racist against the Muslims and Latinu too, this is clear point, but Trump said, what the silent majority feel and inside thinking, them are coward or feel shameful, him is brave. The frankness of Trump as I said expression of the majority who failed to say what are they feeling.
Some one replied to me, do you like or want kkk?
I say to you the problem is not kkk, if the America constitution bans or prohibit the criminal organization, and this kkk is still existed , the problem is not about Trump him self, this problem about perfect American poltical system.
KKK is American organization finds constitution protection, if this KKK is still existed till now. Do not try sell this illusion for us,
Finally Trump acts the majority of American who voted for him, this is democracy, if you believe American democracy, just respect the American people who voted for him to be president. May you have not voted for him, but for another candidate Clinton. Clinton her self congratulated Trump. Do you think Clinton support his ideas about the immigration, Muslims, or Lantinus. Democracy my sisters and brothers can bring Altayeeb Mustafa president to Sudan.
The worst thing, the hypocrites and liars always try to show sham feelings..
.According to me Trump and Clinton from the same environment of imperialism and colonialism in this bloody era.
Africa , Asia, Latin America never benefit from the American foreign policy that depends on the domination. the small truth, I repeat it, Trump had expressed the silent majority, you just try hypocrite..

Journalist and Activist

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