Fidel Castro controversial figure

Hassan Ahmed
Last Friday the Cuban father of revolution Fidel Castro passed away, when his younger brother Raul Castro has announced that a sad news, Many Cuban who are in exile were happy and dancing about Fidel’s death, but in other part of the World, specific in African continent, many African politicians and leaders expressed their sadness of loss of international iconic of revolution all over the World.

The people have different attitudes about political attitudes, Western and American attitudes are different from African, Asian and Latin America attitudes, Europe would see father of revolution Fidel Castro as communist and a brutal dictator as elect president Donald Trump said on his comment, others African leaders see him as a friend of African, he had not been selfish to support some of African states to liberate from Western colonialism and imperialism, that was a clear, when Fidel supported Angolan, Namibian, and South African revolutions during the cold war.

I might understand the anger of people who hate Fidel Castro, they described him as the dictator, tyrant and corrupt, made his country like hell for them, if we want to recover history’s memory, why those who disagree with him, why did forget, this America which adopts democracy and human rights, was friend of dictator Fulgencio Batista?, America was major supporter for Batista, when president will be allied to Washington, if he is dictator or killer, no one expose the truth, that is real behavior of United States for its foreign policy.

Fidel in 1959 toppled Batista’s regime, he was a close allied to the United States of America, Washington was very angry, how that communist leader will be president of Cuba under revolutionary legacy, communism then capitalism never meet at same room, different ideologies, different concepts of ruling, America’s problem, just some one communist like Fidel Castro who took power by the force. I want to be honest and sincere with my self, American as state practices democracy inside its own territory, when those of democracy, good governance and human rights would be out American, it never cares, there is innocent question, should be asked, what are the differences between regimes in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libyan regime during Qaddafi’s rule, there is clear issue, Mummer Qaddafi was opposing the Western and American imperialism extension, all these leaders of Northern African were called dictators, they had violated human rights in their own countries, only leader the media targeted him deliberately Qaddafi, that explains one thing, one leader dares to challenge and oppose the Western American interests, will be in front of artillery alone, that happened to him, during Arab uprisings, was killed after arrested him, he was considered prisoner of war, and West of human ignored his case by staying silent, silence of cowards.

The father of revolution Fidel Castro challenged American imperialism more than five decades, the cold war was ended, but his attitudes against the Western domination was clear, his attitudes against exploitation of poor people all over World was respectful, Africans in some part of continent still appreciate his ethical humanism attitudes. You might call him dictator, but you should know, there are peoples sees him is hero, when the majority have become silent against American oppression, he was only said
, No for America.


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