Deported Sudanese refugee assassination in Khartoum

Hassan Ahmed
Before days, the Sudanese social media had circulated new of assassination of Sudanese has come back from Israel, his name is Mohamed Ahmed, he was killed by security apparatus at a mysterious conditions, his body received to his family in Aljazeera state, South of Sudanese capital Khartoum, Mohamed arrived Sudan 21/ 11/ 2016 and eliminated 22/11/ 2016.

What has been written on social media, he was jumped from the third floor, during the Sudanese authorities had inquired him, but some comments on the same social media mentioned, his body was full of injuries, when they received him to family, and the Sudanese authorities ordered his of Mohamed Ahmed to bury in cemetery, without open investigations to know, How Mohamed died and expose the strings of this organized crime against innocent Sudanese youth, who took a brave decision to comeback of his home.

This an issue asserts plight who traveled to Israel since the war erupted in West of Sudan since 2003, the war is continuing till now, many Sudanese youth took risk to travel to Israel, as we realize, Sudanese of government has no ties with Israel, so Khartoum would see any Sudanese who traveled there as a traitor, deserve a penalty death, this what happened to Mohamed Ahmed, Darfurian crisis has opened the way for many Africans Sudanese to leave Sudan and seek for asylum seeker in Israeli country, majority of asylum seekers Darfurian Sudanese, conditions of fighting made every one to find a new safe place, not war itself had caused this a collective escaping from Sudan, economic conditions to has affection to make them run away to come true their own dreams in Israel, Mohamed was eliminated by cold blood, if we think, he had come from a foe country, they
should follow legal channels for inquiry, not killed like that, as not human beings.

Circulation news of assassination of Mohamed on social media, has found un deliberately, the protests of lift support on the medical, made his case to be forgotten in conditions of protests in Khartoum.
Mohamed’s death was planned from high authorities, and then it is a message of terror or fright for any Sudanese from wars zones to go to Israel of whom are in Israel to decide to return back to own mother land, if they have come , they would face Mohamed’s destiny.

Death of this Sudanese youth is grief on our hearts, and discloses, how the racist regime in Sudan thinks towards Africans Sudanese, whom are suffering dire conditions of tough discrimination in Nuba mountains in South Kordofan state, Blue Nile and a wounded Darfur.
What I need to interpret, not all of Sudanese who went to Israel, because of wars in Sudan, but they were from marginalized Sudanese communities, Africans Sudanese who were born in Central Sudan, Khartoum and other Sudanese states, because, they had found in Israel as a shelter, in Israel itself, many Africans face daily true discrimination in treatment, conditions of daily life as temporary prison, freedom of movement is constrained, although those harsh conditions, refugees and immigrants accepted to stay in Israel, this issue of refugees then African immigrants need a serious study from scholars of human rights field.

This young Sudanese was assassinated by racial motivated absolutely, he had arrived and next day found death, Sudanese security apparatus wanted to send a clear message for all Sudanese whom are in Israel now or whom are desiring to leave Sudan, who took decision to go and returned again, he will be at same situation of Mohamed Ahmed. Israel as state should realize well, it is risky to deportation of Sudanese to a den of racist regime, Israel knows well regime of Khartoum never cares of human rights, it looks at any Sudanese his or her leg touched Israeli land is conspirator, traitor and enemy of his or her country. Mohamed Ahmed who assassinated by hands of racist regime in Khartoum, you were realizing to get safety in your own country, but you had face criminals from Islamic racist regime, they killed you, and they are believing, you are enemy of state , but you are just Sudanese was desiring to return back to home land to see family, friends, and slum or village of childhood


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