The cost of corruption

By: Hammad Alkrty
Corruption usually happened when someone abused its power or entrusted power or become dishonest on public property for his or her own private profit or gain or for his family or relative gain.
There are many types of corruption, such as, forestry corruption, which it has a huge impact on human life, for instance, a corruption in this sector, can and would destroy the environment, which threatens the livelihood of millions and millions of people around the world the solution for this problem is, Governments around the globe has to work together in order to stop forest destruction and corruption, and should implement the international law which is related to this topic. Water corruption , this sort of corruption , can destroy drinking water supplies, agriculture , sanitation and the world environment in general , the way that water corruption happened by making drinkable water undrinkable , wastes billions of litter of water , make the water dirty and so on. The main goal of the UN of the millennium development is maintain drinking water and ensure everyone can access to clean water and sanitation , the solution for this problem is , international community has to come together , in term to strengthen the regulation of water management Corruption on health , which poor people are worst effect , as the matter of fact , people in Africa always victims of infection diseases. Besides that , there is corruption in every sector , however, the common sector that affects by heavy corruption are , sports corruption , poverty and development corruption , Judiciary corruption , education corruption , and government corruption .
Nations around the world , have to fight corruption , by held government and speak out against corruption , and that can be achieved by independent judiciary power but the separation the power on the government which helps to reduce the rate of corruption .
Activates and anti-corruption movement around the world, can use the toolkits( such as anti-corruption kit for young activists, teaching integrity to youth, civil society experiences and emerging strategies, and tool to support transparency in local governance)which produce by the Transparency organization in 2000, the toolkits it help fight corruption around the world .
Forestry corruption, can and will destroy some of the most beautiful place in the world, and can have a great effect on human around the world. For more information , please click on this link <>
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