Failure of Islamic state

Hassan Ahmed
Sudan as country has affirmed for the Sudanese peoples , it is country of bandits and professional robbers , all situations from economic and security then social , every day goes toward labyrinth of loss and whole division .

The wars in three areas Nuba mountains , Blue Nile , Darfur region still continuous , culture of death is widespread in Sudan , the Islamic regime tries to cheat the world , it is with the peace and stability , then return of refugees and displaced people to their locations , but the facts on the earth are different completely , how for the regime wants the peace every month launches devastative war against the unarmed citizens in areas of wars , it targets the sources of life , like resources of water , schools , mosques , churches , all these crisis happens in three areas of wars .

I do not know , why the international community still be silent , only condemns atrocious actions of Sudanese government in Khartoum , the condemn never brings peace in my country , we need affective decisions , the international community must work to impose more sanctions against the Islamic government , and bars their travelling , then block their counts in European banks , simplicity the regime in khartoum abuses forces of economy to increasing the violence .

How can we classify that ? Some forces in the world have strong relationship with the regime , always oppose on decision of sanctions , punishments , like this opposition gives space for the camouflage to the Sudanese , Specially when Chinese Russia take thought of rejection directly .

The regime in Khartoum realizes necessity of two countries , it gives both of them , economic opportunities in Sudan , now China in the biggest investor in my countries , before end of August the Sudanese president will visit China , always benefits of visiting for Chinese government , China can say , if we support Albashir internationally , he must open his doors for us , it is not important , the Sudanese government oppresses the people or kill them , it is policy of expediency not else.

There is popular Sudanese proverb say (if your hand is full , do not fear the others), really the Islamic regime hand is full by side of Russia China , so that it continues and launches the war , this case could be describe the death and persecution under umbrella of perfect protection .

The African countries sometimes sympathise with him , but they never know the Sudanese president kill the African peoples in his countries , the Arab countries do not care what happen in these regions like Nuba mountains, Blue Nile , Darfur , because whom are dying there are not Arab , me I respect some of Arab organisations when they condemn the killing in Sudan , but Arab governments are always silent , and African governments are conspirators too .

Journalist and activist

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