Concept of peace in Sudanese politics

Hassan Ahmed
While the world goes toward creates of system of harmony , and making stability as title of humanism could act collective working in politics , economic, social and cultural rights too , my country Sudan has decided to take a different direction , it is a direction of fire , there is know Darfurian proverb says , the robber is better than the fire , interpretation of this local proverb points to main point , then a core point , when the war erupts , it could devastate every thing , the war makes the life hell for every one .

More ever Sudan as country , it seems has old antagonism with the stability and real peace , does destiny of Sudanese citizen to suffer , pain from this reckless fighting since independence ? .Does Sudanese people like war ? , Why this war continues until now? , For the truth , we need all professionalists in all
specializations to study the Sudanese personality from political sphere , social sphere , and cultural , then economic sphere to know the causes of continuous fighting among us for decades with out disconnections .

The areas that suffer the wars in Sudan , majority of sufferers are African Sudanese , the governments which ruled Sudanese from ethnicity of Arabs Sudanese , they describe them selves like that , this is their rights ,but the repeated question, where are the rights for whom do not consider them selves Arab ? , this is always crucial question , Sudanese elites failed to answer it , or explain role of wars in this sad country .

There fore , problem of identity floats on the surface with out convinced answer for us ,the world around us , Arab states and Islamic States , seem do not care about what happen in this country , you find them care directly ,what is taking place in Syria , Yemen , when Houthi controlled the rule in Yemen and president Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi escaped to Suadi Arabia , Arab countries criticized that , requested the defending of the legitimacy in Yemen , they lead coalition to chase Houthi out ruling of Yemen , in Syria , it is same behavior , they are trying to kick Bashar Alasad out , but they have failed .

The peace in Sudan needs people have true willingness to draw picture of peace , because peace brings stability , stability brings investors from abroad to innovate projects and we can advance in all things , until this strong willingness shows itself , the all will share the pain of continuous war .

Journalist and Activist

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