More than 16 leaders have been arrested after their meeting with Donald Booth

More than 16 leaders have been arrested after their meeting with Donald Booth, the U.S Special Envoy to both Sudan and South Sudan

Abdalhaleim Hassan
August 2, 2016

During the current visit of Donald E. Booth, the U.S. Special Envoy for the Sudan and South Sudan. Donald had several meetings with the IDPs leaders in many camps in Darfur, Zalingei, Elfasir, Kass. In Nertiti, Booth had met them in the headquarter of the African Union – United Nations Mission in Darfur, UNAMID . Victims have reported their tragedies caused by the current ongoing genocide in Darfur and the absence of security. Furthermore, they have told Donald their stories and their worries of daily killing, rape women and violence against the human rights across Darfur. They complained about the rights of their land, the replacement issue by the newcomers. After the meetings on July 28, 2016 many of the attendees were arrested on July 31 and it’s continue in Kass, Zalingei and Nertiti, Darfur. Here are some were arrested:
– Alrasheed Eissa an employee of the UNAMID in Nertiti and the community leader in the area also known as (Mayor) in the United States. The story told by witness that Eissa and two others were asked by the government agency not to give any details about the situation, (misinterprete) during their job as an interpreters at the UNAMID the head quarter in Nertiti. But the Special Envoy had their own interpreters. Later, Mr. Eissa arrested on August 1st
– Adam Siding, the head of Northern Nertiti IDPs Comps Committee
– Abdelkarim Adam, the head of the Southern Nertiti IDPs Comps committee- 66 years old
– Mohamed Suliman, IDP
– Adam Hamid, IDP
– Naser Eldin Yousif – IDP
– Adam Mohamed, IDP
– Adam Musa, IDP 50 years old
– Eltigani Abdelgabar Yousif, the local clinics assistant 65 years old
I am asking the U.S. Special Envoy for immediate action to free the detainees and insure their safety. furthermore, very sure the ambassador Booth is an eyewitness of the situation in Darfur and the reactions of the Sudanese Government by arresting all victims and leaders who were met with Booth. I’m asking the recognition that we are asking for the US to help stop the genocide in Sudan instead of letting the Sudanese Government continue committing their crimes. The people of Sudan are asking for real help to stop the genocide.

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