Students in Prisons of Khartoum

Hassan Ahmed
In recent years in Sudan , the ruling regime followed policy of repression against  students of Sudanese universities , such as the arrest , assassination , torture , because to stop the students mobilization, which had begun affect the public opinion , that rises movement of anger , the whole Sudanese situation witness public refusal from the Sudanese , the wars , weak economic , migration of youth out Sudan , to improve their economic situation , the joblessness among the youth , it considers the highest in Sudan .

But the students of universities could  play important role to oust the ruling party National Congress Party  , to reflect the Sudanese peoples, they need perfect change , this Islamic regime failed to fulfill its old promises , like real development , the health , free education, until this moment in Sudan , administrations of universities suspend students to sitting for the examinations , because they have no money to pay the fees .

However , there are Students are in prisons of Sudan , Asim Omer from university of Khartoum , Sabah Alzain , and Sudanese activist Erwa Alsadiq , with his young brother behind bars in waiting the sentence , last week of June , Sudanese court in Bahri , third city in Sudanese capital has sentenced for  execution to Student Mohamed Baqari , before same court sentenced to him five year for alleged killing his colleague in  University of East Nile .

Also Asim Omer is student in University of Khartoum was accused of murdering cop during protests in University, he is now behind bars of jail , awaiting his gloomy destiny , at least two months , the Sudanese authorities refuses his family and lawyer to meet , until right of defence  faces restricts , although the local advocacy to release him or introduce him to fair court , it is impossible .

The Sudanese government works to paralyze the mobilization of students , to use all available tool to persecute them , accusations of killing ,sabotage ,subversion , make the all Sudanese people frighten , to be silent , although the Sudanese students never forget their requests of freedom, democratic change , social issues , they always demonstrate against the current political situation in Sudan , the World should realize in Sudanese prisons , are students , like Asim Omer , Sabah Alzain activist and member in Uma National Party with his young brother since last year , then request Sudanese authorities to release them immediately or introduce them to fair court , not court of security apparatus which prepares to detain them sentence for life ,when they face charges of treason , sabotage of constitutions ,oppose the regime by force .

Journalist and Activist

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