International award for South Sudan and renewal of clashes

 Hassan Ahmed
The last signed agreement between government of Juba and opposition armed party Riek Machar last year , after many rounds of negotiations , the African mediation played important role to reach to agreement between the former comrades in movement of liberation, and current foes .

The clear expectations all sides excuse other of lack of seriousness , and trial of play on the agreement by misinterpretation , after international and regional pressure , both of Silva kiir and Rieck Machar signed agreement to stop the war , that erupted in December 2013 , after accusing former vice president of military coup , this led to semi genocide in Sudan , the conflict has become fighting between Nuer / Dinka , international organisations accused both sides in implication of homicide tribal killing in states of Upper Nile and Unity , both of areas are rich of oil , it considers the sources of national currency for the youngest state in the World .

South Sudanese  tired of  the wars , they were expecting , the agreement brings peace , stability, reconciliation between them , but every day , the situations worsen , last June in Wau city , the clashes began between governmental forces and other groups had angered from government of Juba , although the clashes over , otherwise you can imagine , it will start at any time , SPLM/IO thinks president Silva is not serious to implement the agreement, especially security file , now is areal obstacle in front of agreement,

this month inside capital of South Sudan clash has fallen between force of government and opposition in Juba , fears increased on the ground , Does this clash will lead to war gain ? , Really , government of South Sudan is not serious , international and regional are frustrated from Silva kiir , he is only responsible to imply the agreement , the donors of South may be stop the donation , if the president persists to take wrong way for his country , also states of East Africa , South is new member in the block of Eastern African countries , are angry from Silva kir , if this situation of crisis ongoing , absolutely Silva will lose his close friends , and will find him self isolated president , inevitable results of wars .

There is not bright of hope in South Sudan , because , South Sudanese who stay in internal displaced want the peace be true on the ground , who live in IDP their life in danger result of sporadic attacks , target them ethnicity in Upper Nile and Unity states , according to reports of international organizations like human rights watch released its report last year .

On the other hand , the union of journalists of South Sudan (UJOSS) has won a 2016 international award for advocating the freedom of expression and media in the young nation .UJOSS secretary general Edward Lado Terso described the award as an achievement for the whole country .The award was given by the international Christian organization of the media (ICOM).The Swiss based international press agency is concerned with ethics , freedom , responsibility, autonomy , transparency , and welfare of journalists worldwide (Kenyan newspaper daily nation 6 July 2016).

Last year South Sudan witness killing of more than five journalists , one killed in Capital Juba and others in some states , the security targets journalists and writers whom criticize the policy of government in South Sudan , the youngest state became worse environment of journalists , some of newspapers prohibited from publishing , for political reason , not for convincing reasons , now the South Sudan journalist should keep hope by this international award , although we know the environment for them is chased , they face many restrictions , but they are working in silence ,I should greet you , for this international award .finally , secretary general of union journalists has said .this award is as result of the hard work , cooperation , and solidarity of all the partners .It is a recognition of the efforts of all media stakeholders in the country, both international and national , Mr Terso said .The veteran journalist said the union would continue to advocate access of information and freedom of the press , despite the worrying media environment in South Sudan .

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