Blockade of Sudanese newspapers

Hassan Ahmed
Last week Sudanese security confiscated two daily newspapers after publishing , Aljareeda and Altaqueer with out mention logical lawful reasons , recent years the government follows many ways to crackdown the freedom of media , in near past , there was self monitoring , the media tries to avoid the restrict law of security apparatus , the only foe of media in Sudan ..

Now the Sudanese government has created new tactics , that affect role of media , the journalists couldn’t publish the incidents in war zones ,with out permission of security office which blockade and monitor all steps for media , if journalists wrote about war zones Nuba mountains , Blue Nile , Darfur , they would fall on trap of interrogation of security apparatus , big probability to take the court , it considers trial scattering rumours and wrong information that damages , there fore many of journalists always avoid covering of wars zones , the government through security puts its eyes on every thing , subject of international criminal court is prohibited from publishing , issues of rape , mass killing in Darfur , targeting civilians in two areas (Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile ) too .

Although, the Sudanese journalists try to do any thing stay free , without intervention from security apparatus , one manner prohibition journalists from their jobs , deliberated dismissal , this year more than five journalists, the security has given instructions to administration of some newspapers to dismiss them forever , for example ( Sudani , Aljareeda) , with out mention causes of this sudden dismissal ..

Also , the security apparatus journalists by imprison them , correspondent Alaa Aldeen Babikir in AlGeneina , he faces sentence this July , in North Darfur , journalist was jailed , after he has criticized governor Abd Alwahid Yusuf , environment of freedom media is danger , life journalists determines by mood of security.

Last week , the national council for journalism publication has censored Aljareeda newspaper for three days , the newspaper published statement for graduated and students of University of Khartoum , refuses plan of University for sale the university for foreign investors , that statement , it had considered strange and threatened from side of government , until there is not light at the end of tunnel , freedom of speech is corner in democratic state , African regimes always look at the free brave media , as enemy of them , they should eliminate, free journalists and writers whom adopt writing of truth , they always wind of oppression in their countries , there are ready punishments as , dismissal , imprisonment , the killing is final decision for security, majority of them have with drawn to avoid, job of problems in Sudan ..

Journalist and Activist

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