Finally sad Darfur on international scene

Hassan Ahmed
The prosecutor of international criminal court presented complete report about the critical situation in western region Darfur to the security council , it was the first report in 2016 , also it recounts , how that place faces universal ignorance , although the report made the Sudanese government was angry and despair from that report , otherwise the world should know , there are people suffering , the authority announced recently , it had liberated Mara mountains from forces of Abdalwahid Mohamed Ahmed , whom controls Mara mountains since 2003 the war erupted.

The military operations affected thousands of people who displaced in the big cities North West Darfur , when the Sudanese Army forces with Militants of Janjweed carried out the operations on the ground to liberate the last strong holds of Sudan liberation movement under umbrella of Abdalwahid in Mara mountains last month of 2015 and beginning of 2016 , international organizations disclosed huge numbers of displaced people in the region , suffering of lack of food and insecurity , shelter .

Report of international criminal court has depended on the monitoring on the ground , and what the independent organizations wrote about the critical situation, what the government repeats , this Hague managed by the western , it has hidden agenda against the African president , but the facts lie the government allegations, since last year until now the civilians are victims of assaults of Khartoum , why Sudanese government always wants to falsify the facts in wounded region Darfur .

We can say , the world has started to realize , Darfur faced international ignorance since Arab uprisings and what happened in Middle East Syria and Iraq , when Islamic State Daesh dominated large areas in two states to found Islamic caliphate , all western countries preferred to defeat that religious nightmare ,at the same time forget there is another Daesh in Sudan practices same acts of Islamic state in Syria and Iraq .

WE call on the international conscience to take the issue of Darfur region seriously, if that make give the peacekeepers forces right of protect civilians and repulse attacks of governmental militants too , but the major impasse of protection civilians, it is security council, the five members , Russia and China always stand behind Khartoum, if the world made those countries, I mean China and Russia to be neutral , Iam sure the civilians would find full protection internationally .

Journalist and Activist

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