Complications of Sudanese politics 1-2

Hassan Ahmed

When I arrived to Kenya , I met many Kenyan friends , majority of them are activists and students in some Kenyan universities and colleges, as you know , every one will ask , where are you from ? When you answered , they have realized , Sudan is country of wars , why Sudanese people like the fighting ? Why don’t they practice peaceful ways in the politics ? Why and why ? .Is Sudan problems about the economic or politics ? , they know our country is rich , in
strategic situation too , but its own only problem is the wars which had torn it ..

One Kenyan friends said to me , if Sudan has no fighting before its independence from British emperor , it will be one of African leaderships and it plays decisive role of making African politics in the continent , what I noticed during that spontaneous conversation between me and him , I began to know , African people know more about us , but us , never more about the continent , otherwise African football , or African players whom plays in European clubs , I tried to simplify the Sudanese problematic to him at that time of spontaneous conversation, Our crisis is not only politically , it is problem of identity of the country too , since more than five decades , the modern Sudanese state failed to determine collective identity for the Sudanese peoples, the Sudanese elites who ruled it from independence in 1956 till now ,they decided by them selves , Sudan is Arab country , although in it they are many African ethnics and African tribes , they recognize them selves , they are African peoples, not Arab , what about them Specially about the problematic of Sudanese identity …

Sudanese is country of diversity , in any Sudanese state ,you could find African tribes and Arab tribes , for example in Darfur region before divide to there states , after that five states , when government of salvation had drawn policy of states to come true it’s political interest at beginning of 1993 , I don’t want deny before military coup of Islamic movement , there were social problems in western Sudan , but the relative administration of tribes ,I mean the leaders of tribes , they were trying to solve any matters , until crimes of killing to solve, other wise majority of Sudanese governments after period of independence , are not impartial , they are biasing to Arabisism ideology , that led to elites of South Sudanese to realize , the government post independence , it denied reality of Sudanese diversity , because of that , South Sudanese fought for their own identity , the first Sudanese war had started in mid of twentieth century , all Sudanese elites ruling distorted problematic of Sudan , they were saying , causes of war in South Sudan because of British colonization that separated South from Whole Sudan , yes British colonization impose policy closed areas , to forbid slavery trading , that launch it (Jalaba) Arabs of Sudanese center .We need to ask questions , before Turkish Egyptian invasion to Sudan in nineteenth century , after that British colonization, Is region of South Sudan before colonization ,never communicate with other Sudanese peoples ? .

We might say ,Sudanese elites always try to runaway from the truth , whatever could justify , problematic of South Sudan , it is just colonized game to devastate Sudan ,to make it weak , yes , the imperialism countries have own interests in its colony , why Sudanese politician failed to find decisive Solutions for South Sudan crisis ? .

The great Britain left Sudan 1956 , more that decades , the country lives in destructive wars , because of failing , how to determine true national identity , the Sudanese Africans have raised the guns ,to free country, every Sudanese could see his /her self on the national mirror .

There are another questions , Why people of Nuba mountains , Blue Nile , East of Sudan , after that Darfur are refusing politics of ruling centralization in Sudan ? Why all who are fighting the ruling centralization since elites of South fought Khartoum , from Sudanese Africans ?, I will give more details in next article , also I say , there is still major matter had not addressed yet , it is Sudanese identity , that is not the only problem , there are economic social then ethical problem blocks the Sudanese matter , I will continue next article.

Journalist and activist

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