Thank you and then some more

H.E Ambassador D.Booth,
Best greetings.

Iam writing this message in my capacity as a concerned Sudanese citizen.

First I would like to register my appreciation and thanks to you for your dedicated efforts in helping the Sudanese help themselves. In particular , the US huge contributions to sustain refugees and Internally Displaced Persons continue to be appreciated by all concerned. The Reagan corn, the Reagan cooking oil, the Reagan tins , in reference to the late President Reagan became household words to this day ,not only in Darfur but in the whole of Sudan.

On Sunday September 3, 2006 , Senator BARACK OBAMA (Democrat, Illinois) visited our refugee camp , among other camps , in Eastern Chad ,and his name became a household word in the whole of Greater Darfur. All the boys born in that year carry the name Obama, and people still look to him as a Messiah and a Saviour.

H.E President Mbeki and the Government of Sudan have both rejected the opposition proposal of an annex , in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding , to the March 21st Road Map, for it to be signed by the Opposition. H.E President Mbeki next move may be to approach the AUPSC to adopt a recommendation for the UNSC to apply sanctions against the four opposition leaders who have refused to sign the Road Map .
This move is counterproductive , and will seal the demise of the National Dialogue and of the AUHIP itself. H.E President Mbeki will be cutting the nose of the opposition and will in the process spite his own face. The opposition leaders have nothing to lose. Your writer James Baldwin once said ( The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose ).
In the name of the oppressed and famine-struck in Sudan , and those burnt by the scars of the civil wars in Darfur and the two areas , I solicit your help in working to replace the AUHIP with a UN mediator, mimicking the situation in Syria, Yemen , Libya and other countries.

Since its inception in February 2009 , the AUHIP record is nil. Darfur slipped through its hands to Doha. South Sudan was taken over by another African mediator from Botswana . The SPLM –N held 11 rounds of negotiations with the Governement under the auspices of the AUHIP to no avail. The only work of value the AUHIP has accomplished is that it afforded good salaries to its members and staff.

In summary, the AUHIP has outlived its usefulness.The opposition will no longer trust it.

I also hope that your Administraion will block any move to apply sanctions to the four opposition leaders.

Best regards.

Tharwat Gasim

Durban , South Africa

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