Dream of African change

Dream of African change
Hassan Ahmed
The political status quo , it might be considered like ring of caution in majority of African countries, there are many obstacles in road from transformation peaceful power , how ever there are also terrorism threats which rammed Africa from West Africa until East Africa, as current attacks in Burkinafaso, Mali , then kenya , the only country is suffering from this disease of Islamic terrorism, what about Lybia after toppling Muammer Alqadafi in North Africa , its soil had become stronghold of jihadism fighters .Additional to that threats , there is behavior of domination political power in this sad Continent, the African leaders have no desire to leave the power peacefully, because the chair of the authority is so sweet, that is impossible to read in daily newspaper African president step down , after his period of presidency finishes , he will try to change the Constitution for third term of fourth term , without any thing logical , otherwise to cling power until the death visits him , the clear example for that Burundian Pierre Nkurunziza, he refuses the objections of religious leaders , civil society , then his colleagues from East African Community , look now at Burundi , it has changed to place of terror , the exchangeable attacks between the refusers of Pierre and governmental officers in the army or security apparatus , the repeated assassinations had worried African Union then Security council , they want the current situation to find real solutions , but who will hear the voiceless people like unarmed citizen , numbers of escapers people to neighbour countries , the Burundian president is only he is thirsty to the chair of eternal authority.

The African peoples have that mirage of dream , how that dream be like sun of complete change in their countries, the tyrant power always work to gag the opposition voices , the media under threats of confiscation , the journalists , activists frighten then random detain, may the assassination too , the prisons in Africa are the successful substitute, every one dares to pronounce no , the destiny is known for every one .

The future is mysterious , the Current African generations desire to the change , but the governments want change as size of their authorities only .How might be successful generations under shadow of fear and terror and the gun under the heads , if it would become , definitely it is change of current ruling power.

So These peoples will look for another solutions to be part of the light future for the sad African continent, the African dream will come true through the great uprising,Burkina Fast was symbol of that dream when the Burkinabi people ousted kambauri in popular revolution compelled him to Escape from the country , some countries uses the election like illusion way to persecute the peoples , Sudanese president kills his citizens , although he elected president last year , do you think the democracy will the only way to stable country ?.Many people will agree , but there are many basic things political reformations fighting the Corruption .

Journalist and Activist

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