The National Congress Party regime commits a new massacre

The National Congress Party regime commits a new massacre near Al Geneina – West Darfur
‘ The massacre at Azrni’s mosque’
logo_SDFGThursday 26th May 2016

In a continuation of the Sudanese government’s systematic violence against civilians in the Darfur region, Janjaweed militias killed ten citizens and injured ten others in an attack that took place on Sunday 22nd May 2016 in Azrni village, West
Darfur. The attack took place inside Azrni’s mosque during the Maghrib prayer.

The Janjaweed committed this attack against the civilians of Azrni as retaliation, following friction between citizens and militiamen that morning after the militiamen refused to pay for goods and services at the local market. The attack happened in sight of the formal army troops who were deployed to the area following that friction. Victims include several youth members of the graduates union who were active in service provision and local development issues in the area. The list of those killed is as follows:
Yaseen Adam Ibrahim, 28 years old, secondary school teacher in Azrni Secondary School.
Abdelmageed Yahia Ali Adam, 29 years old, secondary school teacher in Azrni Secondary School.
Mahjoub Abdallah Mohamed Toj, 45 years, secondary school teacher in Azrni Secondary School.
Adam Abdelkareem, 33 years old.
Khamis Abu Sidena, 70 years old.
Abdallah Adam Daoud, 40 years old.
Mohamed Adam Daoud, 37 years old.
Ibrahim Yahia, 70 years old.
Abdallah Haroun Habo, 75 years old.
Haroun Isaac Adam, 24 years old.
Azrni’s mosque massacre is a new addition to the long list of killings and crimes committed by the Sudanese Armed Forces and the National Congress Party (NCP) militias. The NCP is adopting a strategy of creating further chaos and suffering in Darfur through use of excessive violence against civilians, in order to drive these citizens from their homelands and replace them with new, pro-NCP settlers. This comes as part of the NCP’s wider strategy to tackle the crisis of Darfur which includes: announcing in January the dismantling of IDP camps, conducting the administrative referendum in April, calling to expel the international peace-keeping mission to Darfur (UNAMID), in addition to the continuous military campaign and aerial bombardments against the villages around Jebel Marra and other areas of Darfur.

This killing of civilians at Azrni’s mosque came just weeks after the killing of six children in Hieban, South Kordofan/ Nuba Mountains, from a Sudanese government aerial bombardment. The killing at Azrni’s mosque stands as additional evidence of the brutality of the regime.

These repeated killings and crimes across Sudan which also became the norm of the daily news about Sudan, put great challenges in the face of the Sudanese political and civil forces. The priority must be to stand as a unified, strong front to stop this bloodshed. As well, these Sudanese forces must put pressure on the international community to adopt a new approach to dealing with the Sudanese bloody crisis.

Sudan Democracy First Group

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