Statement on Arrest of Sudanese ActivistBakhit Abdul Karim

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Statement on Arrest of Sudanese ActivistBakhit Abdul Karim
About the repressive security apparatus to arrest activist BakhitAbdul Karim, secretariat of political affairs ofSudan Justice & equality Movement (SPA-JEM)states the following:
1-On May 20, 2016, armed force of Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Se

rvices (NISS) attacked the house of activistBakhit Abdul Karim in Khartoum.
2-The attackingforceformed of more than 15 Land Cruiser cars, raided Mr Abdul Karim’s house,verbally abused and assaulted him, and badly hit himwith gun butts in front of his wife and his three kids before firinglife ammunition in air.
3-Mr Abdul Karim is a symbol of a peaceablestruggler, human rights activist, a prominent pro-democracyand advocate of freedom of expression.
3-We, SPA-JEM,condemn the arbitraryarrest of MrAbdul Karimand demand his immediate release without conditions or bring him promptly before courts capable of offering guarantees for fair trials conducted in accordance with international standards. As well, we call for urgent release to all political detaineesand war prisoners unjustly languished behind barsin prisons of Sudan regime.
4-Those who issued theorders and carried out the arrest are known to us. We warn them tohurtMrAbdul Karimand consider them directly responsible for his life.
5- Policy of arrests, prosecutions, oppression and torture that conducted by Sudan regime against symbols of national strugglewill even further reinforce our strength and toughness and determination.
6-We call on human rights organizations, humanitarian organizations and international institutions toconduct the necessary follow – up and protection of detainees, intervene immediately to save the life of Mr Abdul Karim and all political detainees, and to expose Sudanese regime barbaric practices.
Mohamed Faragalla
Political affairs secretariat
21 May 2016

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