The terrorism like ideological concept

Hassan Ahmed
Bloody carnage had taken place in Belgian capital , innocent citizens died and other wounded , as we know the world will condemn these atrocious incidents , before religious terrorists attacked resort in Ivory Coast killed foreign people , the terrorism attacks always go on in the Middle East Syria and Iraq , those stupid groups who adopt primitive thoughts , their concern to build just religious caliphate in Islamic countries from the middle East to Asian countries until Africa . Those groups known , they are believing and converting the Islamic religion , when they had carried out their jihadism operations , they know , what they do very well , the majority of believers by the Islam accuse them misunderstanding the religion of tolerance , religion of peace , and some thing else , but those terrorism gangs , they realize what they are doing well , who watch their video , he or she knows , they always have strong background from religious heritage and quotes from Islam , this means one thing , the Islamic world and religious leaders refuse those incidents for the refusal , they couldn’t discuss them face by face , finally the terrorism will win the religious battle .

From last year those groups extended their operations , whether in France or North Africa in Lybia , or Burkinafaso and Mali , when you go toward the middle East these things have become normal , every day suicide bomber blasted him self to kill many numbers of people

Major matter the Islamic States deny the truths on the earth , try to make these groups like devilish groups , they have no roots in the region , this considers criticism for criticism , they don’t need to follow series of Islamic incidents inside the religion to know the fearful truth .

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