What goal of target Darfurian Students ?

Hassan Ahmed
The truth is like red pepper , when some one taste , feels heating inside the mouth , political situation in Sudan is so complicate and completely vague , how can find true explanation? , should be realistic not superficial , majority are saying problem of Sudan from peaceful independence from British colonizer , is economic problem , no thing else , but they always escape to dig the land by axe of realism absolutely , because the background of these analysts , they want to mention part of the truth , not the whole truth , that it scandalzses them directly , in front of the silent majority , victims of wars , since the vague independence , the wars were planned to destroy locations of African people , the beginning was in South Sudan , the tyrant ruling center works to distort every thing , it had reflected , problem of Sudan between
Southerns Africans , they want to rule them selves , they refuse the unity of country , propaganda of Northern government says that , to create easy environment to fulfill its racial scheme in Sudan South .
But , that is small thing from history of wars in our country Sudan , these were religious racial wars against Sudanese African peoples , you can see policy of genocide in Darfur , policy of making people refugees in their country , policy of siege of innocent people in Nuba mountains , Blue Nile too , the government tries to open routes for humanitarian aids since 2011.
I want to write about it , policy of government that targets Darfurian Students in Sudanese universities , last student who assassinated in west of Darfur , Salah Qamer , he was student in fourth standard in University of AlGeneina , governmental militants have killed him by cold blood , every year Sudanese government sacrifices by Darfurian students , the shame thing ,no inquiry to discover the murderer of student . If we account numbers of assassinated students since 2010 until now approximately 9 students or more that number , the security authority did not investigate in those cases of assassination , they were just students , the security apparatus had dealt with them excessive violence , some of kidnapped , suddenly their corpses were found in the streets of Khartoum .

The Sudanese government practices policy of elimination of Darfurian Students in any place, it considers policy of country adopted to any thing against African citizens in Darfur, talking of government is clear, we have killed Darfurian people , took them in IDP Camps, then we shall continue to make student too refugees inside Khartoum ..

It is racial government, its aim to create case of chaos during , it increases its violence, by accusing students support revolutionary movements in western region , by this way might find justification for persecutions African communities in regions wars Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile, finally wounded Darfur too, killing of students, is part of huge plan to eradicate who revolt against racial regime in Khartoum, I can to comrade Salah Qamer who assassinated, journey of struggle will continue , although you are away from us .

Journalist and Activist

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