The Sudanese government continues campaign of ethnic cleansing in Darfur

إدانات واسعة لجرائم حكومة السودانية في قمة جنيف للديموقراطية وحقوق الانسان.
محمد نور عودوnouru

The Sudanese government continues campaign of ethnic cleansing in Darfur.
Ladies and gentlemens
For more than 13 years the Sudanese government, led by Al-Bashir who is wanted by the ICC, has been conducting a war of ethnic cleansing by systematically targeting certain groups in Darfur to change the demography of the region. Despite its efforts, unfortunately the international community has failed in its quest to protect the unarmed civilians in Darfur from daily deadly attacks.
Ladies and Gentlemens
The United Nations Security Council has passed numerous resolutions to protect civilians in Darfur including the deployment of UNAMID peacekeeping forces in the region but to no avail. In fact, these forces have been subjected to repeated attacks by government-sponsored militias. They suffered lost of personnel and equipment and failed even to protect their own members.
The lack of pressure on Sudan to implement UN resolutions and comply with the International Criminal Court’s decisions has handed the initiative to the Sudanese government to expel NGOs from Darfur and widen its campaign of hatred against civilians in total defiance of the international community.
Khartoum regime’s campaign in Darfur is not limited to mass killings, displacement, rapes, destruction of vital resources including crops and water sources but also includes land occupation by foreign settlers from countries such as Mali, Niger, Chad and CAR. The objective of this policy is clear; reversing the demographic makeup of the region.
Ladies and Gentlemens
Today, Sudan’s regime is craftily exploiting the international community’s focus on events in the Middle East to continue its ruthless assault on Darfur’s indigenous population. Over the last few weeks, the notorious Janjaweed militias have attacked and burned several villages in North Darfur including Anka. Amray and Hila haron. They also committed acts of killings in the capital city of West Darfur, Al-Geneina where they killed at least 7 people in MULI village . Additionally, hundreds of civilians have been displaced in Jabal Marra in central Darfur as a result of areal bombardment by government jets.
Ladies and Gentlemens
I seize this opportunity to call upon you to do whatever it takes to help Darfur and save lives of innocent civilians. You can give a voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless ones; you can do it now.It is a disgrace to leave civilians in Darfur under the mercy of the ruling National Congress Party in Khartoum led by a brutal dictator indicted for genocide and war crimes.Darfur is Sudan’s version of the Holocaust; we must stop it. It is the responsibility of all human right groups in the world, the UN and others to do so.
Mohamed Nour Aoudou .

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