Khartoum refusal of humanitarian aids

Hassan Ahmed

It seems , the complicated situations in Middle East , in Syria Iraq , after the terrorists militants gained strong lands to fight for create sham religious caliphate in those places as they always claim , these murderous incidents , explosions , beheading people ,enslave women ,abduction foreigners reporters , not just this , many atrocious acts against governmental locations , or innocent residents , then intensification of this criminal militants made the West and effective power in the world to care about what takes place in the middle East , and the effective world has forgotten two Sudanese areas under siege of Khartoum since 2011 , the ruling party from that time refuses entering humanitarian aids or assistance to liberated areas in Nuba mountains ,Blue Nile , the government practices that deliberately every year , till negotiation rounds , Khartoum refuses to enter these aids from others directions ,it insists to enter governmental locations only ..
The humanitarian situations in blue Nile or Nuba mountains , it is imminent famine , because of this governmental blockade , its continuous dropping barrel bombs against civilians in two areas , Sudanese ruling regime follows policy of slow death against Africans peoples , majority of Arabian Countries are staying away from them , other wise some small organizations or human rights groups , but they are playing out public attention …

The world now is doing every thing to end terrorism only , same world ignores tragedy of people of Nuba Mountains , Blue Nile , every hour they are under fright of military bombs , explosive bombs which drop directly toward the unarmed people in two areas , aim of government to eliminate people by burning farms , destroy the small humble clinics in liberated locations …

The children lose the basic education , born kids have no vaccinations ,suffering of malnutrition too , the pregnant women live in critical situations , the government announces time to liberate those places , but by targeting the civilians not bomb military locations .We hope the international to care about Africans peoples in Sudan , it cares about what is taking place in other places too. There are Africans are dying by hunger , by malnutrition , deficit of vaccinations in Nuba mountains and Blue Nile , we need universal campaign to make Sudanese government open ways to stop dropping explosive barrels , to open ways to reach humanitarians aids too ..

Journalist and Activist

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