Abakar Abdelrhman OmerAbakar, the Darfuri father of 10 have been arrested in Khartoum last night.

Abakar Abdelrhman Omer, 40 years old and father of 6 girls and 4 sons has been arrested by Sudanese security forces in Khartoum. Abakar is from Darfur. He left his village due to the genocidal war in Darfur that led to loss of 300.000 people and more than 3 millions as internal and external displaced people. On 2/25/2016 while he was on he’s way to provide some food to his family, Sudanese racist government stopped him and ordered him to come with them. His whereabouts are unknown. His family is very concerned about his life and they have been left with no support.
I call upon the U.S. Government and it’s embassy in Khartoum, Human rights and Human rights watch, Amnesty international to ask the Khartoum’s government to grantee Abakar’s life and health also to respect the human rights and immediate release.

Abdalhaleim O. Hassan
Philadelphia PA,USA

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