The terrorism is disease threatens us

Hassan Ahmed
When the people talk about the universal threat , the first idea that imprints in any mind of any one the Islamic terrorism or the fighters jihadists , this attitude is right , because the world always faces this , no religion does by this atrocious acts otherwise the fighters by the name of Islam , they are launching their wars against the innocent people all over the World.

The recent attacks were in France , the terrorists killed the tens of people in Paris , the French capital Paris , the world has condemned this crime against the humanity , the main problem the western governments , and additional to Washington always conspire with the Islamic countries , then they say , the Islamic religion is religion of acceptance the difference , Islam is religion of tolerance , but this not logical , and not reality , the countries which says that have interests with the Islamic countries , they do not want to lose those ties .

All victims were innocent people , there is no justification make them to do that , every one must ask her or him self , why this jihadists or jihadists to kill the people ? Where can we find the aim of that ?, when people read the ancient history of Islam , Iam sure they discover the truth , there is not justification for that dangerous deed in any country .

Every one have to console families of victims who attended friendly match between France and Germany , they were not lucky , their were destiny , one shot them , because his head carries concept of hatred just against specific people , France afflicted same attacks on French magazine , killed more than ten.

The terrorism always plays dangerous game in this world , how ever many countries want their interest with states support this disease .

Journalist and Activist

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