Carnage of France

Hassan Ahmed
It was really coward attack in France against all of us , some of people are glad , because this carnage took place in Europe Specially France , the justification Paris is ally against the religious terrorism in Syria and Iraq , I may see it , it is just illusion reason . How for us accept that genocide ? , now the Islamic state daesh claimed its responsibility of dealiest attacks on last Friday in Paris in concert hall , before it , was in satirical weekly magazine Charlie hebdo , they killed more than French reporters before months .

The facts on the earth is clear , it is picture of hatred , it is against the concept of freedom in Europe , any talk about the religion has no relationship , this considers cheating .when Islamic state adopted these atrocities after one day of the carnage , before that fingers of accusations were not clear , why did Islamic state adopt that ?, because they are thinking , some of European countries take part in war against the universal terrorism , the only terrorism the World faces it , the terrorism under umbrella of Islam , how may they justify that acts ? , it should be good to attack Saudi Arabia , Turkey , United Arab Emirates are apart of alliance against the Islamic state in Syria and Iraq now . This is part of speech of hatred from Islamic preachers in the countries from Saudi until Turkey with other regions hope to eradicate of others people all over the world .

It is dream of domination every thing , how ever before the world to convert one religion just , because the beliefs are falsified , not real religions , all people must realize well , when religion refuses to accept the others , people must say the truth about it directly , no way to justify for no thing , never pretend this accepts , but some of people misunderstand instructions of Islamic religion , this is not about the misunderstand , it is about the deep instructions in the Islam ..

Attacks of Paris last friday was apart of speech of hatred against the free world , you can meet and find people who look for interpretation for crime against us , some one commented of Facebook , those who supported France , they are just supporters of West , how about people who killed ?how about critical condition in French victims in the hospitals ? How about wounded ? In the deep mind , they consider them enemies of religion , can see their suffering ,the deserve the humanism support , or console families of dead .

I can not find any right , if some one would be happy about deadly attack , some of them are writing by way of happiness. Yes they deserve that, because they are allied against the Islamic state in Syria and Iraq , if this criminal groups launched these deadly attack against Saudi or Turkey , Do they comment about their happiness and joy directly ? ..

Hassasn Ahmed
Journalist and activist

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