The leaders of JEM and SLA

The leaders of JEM and SLA-MM meet Madame Zuma the Chairperson of the African Union

At 2:00 PM local time today Thursday 26th of August 2015, Dr. Gibril Ibrahim the Chairperson of Justice & Equality Movement Sudan (JEM), Mr. Minni Minnawi the chairman of of SLA-MM and Ahmed Togod Lissan the Chief Negotiator of JEM have met H. E. Madame Delamina Zuma the Chairperson of the African Union in her office in the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa.
The two leaders and Togod thanked Madame Zuma and the AU for their efforts to achieve peace and democratic transformation in Sudan and for the issuance of AUPSC communiqué number 539 of 25th August which renewed its trust in the AUHIP and entrusted her with the stewardship of the peace process for the whole Sudan as well as the national dialogue process. The delegation also thanked the Chairperson for the visit paid by the AUPSC fact finding delegation to the IDP camps in Darfur and urged her to continue sending fact finding teams because the humanitarian situation there is dire and needs the organisation’s special attention. The delegation also expressed the readiness of SRF to engage in a genuine peace process including negotiation of cessation of hostilities under the auspices of the AUHIP. The delegation also made it clear that they are ready to participate in the national dialogue if it is organized in a conducive environment of fundamental freedoms and after agreement on its procedures in a preparator conference convened at the HQ of AU.
The Chairperson expressed the commitment of AU to help bring about peace and democratic transformation in Sudan and thanked the delegation for their positive attitude towards peace.
The meeting was attended by Ambassador Abidon Bashua the acting joint special representative of UNAMID and Ambassador Gassim Wane head department of peace and security in the AU.

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