Save Mohamed Baggari Abdullah

A Sudanese student faces the death penalty in an unfair trial and is subject to torture

Mohamed Baggari Abdullah is a Sudanese university student from Darfur region, was arrested during violence that took place in Sharq Alneel university college on April 12th, 2015, when students affiliated with the NCP ruling party attacked a peaceful gathering for Darfur Students Association, at the college premises, shredding a poster of the Darfur Student Association. When the Darfuri students deprecated; the NCP students attacked them with sticks, cleavers and knives. As a result one of the NCP students’ leaders died.

Afterwards, seven Darfuri students were arrested and forced to record confessions under brutal torture during their detention period which lasted for more than a month in Kobar Central prison. Such torture led them to be taken to the hospital more than once, and those students are as follows:
Faisal Abdulkarim Bakhiet
Ismail Mohamed Alzubair
Madina Mohamed Abdulkarim
Abdullah Altahir Hasabullah
Mohamed Baggari Abdullah

Faisal Abdulkarim Bakhiet, Isamail Mohamed Alzubair, Madina Mohamed Abdulkarim and Abdullah Altahir Hasabullah were released recently.

Mohamed Baggari Abdullah was charged with murder which carries the punishment of execution. His trial started at the premise of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) without being transferred to the Police or the Courts Police during the trial session and was forced, under to torture, to give up his right in having defense by lawyer and he is now tried in an atmosphere of absolute secrecy.

Our demands:

Stop the torture of the student Mohamed Baggari Abdullah, allow him access to the doctor, provide him with the required treatment, transfer him to the police custody, allow him to meet his lawyer, allow his family to visit him and try him before the judiciary and in an open trial.

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