Conscience of Islamists

Hassan Ahmed

General indignation in Sudanese political life, no hope in the change in the country, albashir has inaugurated him self president for new five years ,although the Sudanese have boycotted the presidential elections, but the ruling party won it. Everyday the Islamic regime activates to renovate its wrecked building by the same old tools which created devastation of Sudan. Now, there is no thing may nominate, the Sudanese national conscience, it is conscience of wealthy Islamists in Khartoum.

Body of Islamic regime has become stench, it is difficult to find any medicine to cure it, infection of devastation transformed from the capital to other regions, the states which never affect the war and displacement, misery, affected by domination of security apparatus, now the security apparatus is ruling the state, the state is state of security, it watches daily life of the Sudanese.

The hope from going out from dark tunnel is so hard, that the Sudanese people realized to boycott the presidential elections, they know, if they went out to the streets to demonstrate, or express their reject, the bullets of regime meet them, the fire receives them fiercely.

Memory of September 2013 , it has still remained in the sad hearts of Sudanese in the whole country from Khartoum to Aljazeera state , more than 200 persons killed by cold blood .

Whatever is taking place in state of Sudanese Islamists , all imagine the worst from government rules by hand of iron . The difficult question , how all Sudanese peoples terminate the ruling regime ? , it is the best to ally together civil movements , and revolutionary groups that hold the gun on face of Islamists , also to agree together how to toople the regime of Omer Albashir , if the civil movements and oppositions refusal to carry the gun desire the safe change without more blood, maybe the one thing will be face the National Congress Party inside Khartoum, this is step of whole collapse, really the state is collapsed in many states specially Darfur region, the militants of government control and rule many western locations, the failure to reach the secure beach , the cost will be more bloodshed in new Sudanese states .

The ruler of Sudan stays on presidential chair since 26 years , he find difficult to step down peacefully , now Sudanese president is fugitive president , he frightens to attend international or regional summits, because warrant of arrest follows him where he goes . Sudanese president wants to contact his destiny by the destiny of Sudanese, ( albashir will say, if the international criminal court behind me, I will insist to lead country to perpetual hell).

Activist and Journalist

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