Secrecy court of student Bagari

Hassan Ahmed
Policy of abduction
After killing student of National congress party ruling party in Khartoum last April in mysterious conditions , until now no one knows the perfect truth , who stands his death , this is strange thing , many students belong to opposition parties murdered in Khartoum , no investigation should be completed , in 2014 the security apparatus assassinated Ali Abaker Musa student of Khartoum university , college of economic inside the university , and beginning of this year student of East Nile university Altayeeb Salih was abducted , then his corpse was found near the river Nile in Khartoum , to disappear marks of crimes .
Targeting of Darfurian students
The authorities of Sudan have no desire to inquire in these crimes , files of Salih and Ali assassination under table of the regime of Sudan , everyone tries to open files of killing of students will find obstacles in front of him , the administration of security which administrates the country now , no role of law or constitution . But after death of student of ruling party the situation has differed , the security apparatus , students of National Congress Party carried out campaign of inciting against the Darfurian students in many universities in Khartoum and some states from Khartoum , Bahri , Alnilein , East Nile , Alzaeem Alazhari till university of Dongola in North Sudan , students of ruling party target only Darfur students by the beating and arresting , this behavior described , it is racial behavior , vagueness round the issue of killing is still mysterious , although the police issued statement said , they will continue the investigation , catch the criminal .
Accused without lawyer
Mohamed Bagari is student of university of East Nile , the security forces caught him from his house in Omdurman city from forth of May , association of Darfur lawyers discovered that accidently Bagari in the court of Bahri , he looks tortured and beaten fiercely to confess , he killed student of ruling party last April , when one lawyers asked the magistrate of court , where the lawyer of this student , he repeated he has no lawyer , at its moment asked from him to postpone the procedures .
Life of student between hand of death
At these crucial moments life Mohamed Bagari in real danger , his big family in Darfur , he lives with his some relatives in Omdurman ,the Sudanese authorities desire to present him scapegoat , charge him like the real murderer . His colleagues in Uinversites of Khartoum appeal the international communities , human rights organizations , amnesty international to intervene to save life of Bagari , ask just court for him , and clarified place of his existence is unknown , that lawyer has seen him only in the court of Bahri .
Theatre of execution
The activists think the court consideration of free theatre to execute the student , the government wants to present him like scapegoat only . Life of Mohamed Bagari is vulnerable hazard of death in this secrecy court , the security authorities try to forbid the just court , or bring lawyer to defend for him , this step aims to separate his issue from the public opinion . So , all the defenders of human rights must stand with him , support him in this case , life of Darfurian student in real risk .
Burning of hostiles
Members from ruling party attacked hostile of Darfur students , dismissed them by the force , this happened in university of Dongola capital of Northern state, they have burnt the whole hostile , until the second week of month of May whole activities of Darfurian students have jeopardized encroachments and attacks of the students of ruling party , some of students wounded , but they cannot to the hospitals because the police catch them to receive them the security forces , the last attack was took place in university of Bahri , attacked them , police chased them inside slum of Alkadaro North Bahri city . Otherwise close friend said by this strange step for the court , they confiscate his right in defence , they detected with him in unknown location , no lawyer to know the details of that investigation , and hostile girls of university of Bahri was burnt , statement of police said reason was electricity , the girls accused members of party who have done that .
Contenting family of dead student
Presentation of Student Bagari to the court by this way , it is contravention the law and the constitution , because the constitution permits to any person lawyer to defend about him in the court , but there is hand behind killing of student of Ruling party in university of East Nile .
And some activists commented , the government wants by this court to content the family of dead student , gives them sacrifice from Darfur Mohamed Bagari .

Activist and journalist

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