Labyrinth of freedom media in Sudan

Hassan Ahmed

Last week the Sudanese security apparatus has forbidden distribution of 1O daily newspapers in Khartoum from publishing , when the society of protection society discovered some drivers of kindergartens harassed the small children of kindergarten , the newspapers banned from the publishing , and others have banned from the publishing for not specific time.

The freedom of newspapers after presidential election will come in anew labyrinth , although government talks about freedoms in the country , moreover the situation walks on the unknown road , it is not paved in the solid earth of accept the difference , and political acceptance . The fifth next years explains the freedom of media temporary , not true , social problems , and corruption , issues of rape , then target the civilians in the regions of conflicts, are kinds of taboo , specially talking about the harassment the small children in Sudan , during the time of Islamic regime , National Congress Party . Society of protection the consumer could put the medicine on wound of the society , but the security apparatus looks refusal to discuss the social issue , the security apparatus wanted to punish the newspapers by forbid from the publishing to cause it the financial loss too at the same for cancelling the truth deliberately .The facts in Sudan that always verify the issues like homosexual , harassment , rape never find complete covering , additional to the political issues . The National Congress party seems so reluctant for any operation of change would be happened in the country , every day works to undermine the change on the Sudanese environment , the regime wants media always speaks about the advantages of the government in Sudan never take place , the wrong actions only have done along time of its rule. Who reads the political situation, and situation of freedom media , may see the result of future will take us the vague direction , lead us to tight road , the governmental establishments reject to provide the newspapers by complete and true informations . When Radio Dabanga published issue of mass rape in village of Tabit last October 2014 , accused the army which has done crime of mass rape in Tabit , army considered the issue , the army is voice of the government , it is just conspiracy against Sudan , media of ruling regime announced , there are groups by Darfurian issues , so the authority neglected the international request for the investigation that happened in Tabit village .

After more than four months organization of human rights watch discovered the issue again to the public opinion , asserted the army has done the massive rape in Tabit , the inquiry of human rights watch was professional investigation , the organization met many numbers of mass rape , women from Tabit . Without occasion or occasion the ruling authority thinks , this is conspiracy against it , from foreign directions desire to involve it in those crimes.

The harassment against the children of kindergarten at this moment has become issue of public opinion , if the security wants or rejected that issue . But fighting of social problems never fullfil by the scrap of daily newspapers . So that Sudanese journalists decided to boycott the work until the security apparatus , call to stop forbidding publishing the newspapers .

The security apparatus thinks those issues are irrelevant by the social subjects , the newspapers desire to spoil fame of government in Sudan .

Office of security apparatus has called chief of society of protection consumer to investigate with him about the issue , but some of families have transformed those cases to the court .

Matter of course , new presidential period matters of freedom media will block by decisive decision , no one in the parliament will object those reckless decisions , the sources of freedom cancelled from the majority .

The constitution protects freedom of media , it determined duty of the security apparatus to collect informations and analyze it , after that introduce it to specialty directions , now the security apparatus can do everything out of its specialty , finally the security apparatus kidnapped the constitution, the country too .

Activist and Journalist

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