Doctrine of mass rape in Sudan

Hassan Ishag
Simple legal definition of rape varies from state to state , rape generally as not consensus sexual contact . Rape is also alegal that is defined in Massachusetts by three elements . first penetration of any orifice by any object , second force for threat of force , third sexual contact against the will of the victim ..
Western region Darfurian in Sudan state lives in case of security anarchy more than decade , that an atrocious accident of mass rape that happened in area of Tabit North Darfur last October in last of 2014 . When the soldiers started look for their lost colleague , the military soldiers have come from near military garrison , it is near village of Tabit in North Darfur . The soldiers were saying to the residents of Tabit , this soldier has come to the village , and disappeared , after failure of search , they hit the residents of village of Tabit , and separated men from the women and small girls too , some of women and girls raped , some of victims of mass rape in front of their husbands , said that to Radio Dabanga .
One of the victims said to radio , three of soldiers came in her hut suddenly , they took her husband out side the hut , they have beaten him fiercely , and tied by the string under the tree near the hut , then raped her in front of her husband . This was one relation of victims of mass rape in village Tabit in last October in last year of 2014 , this what she said to Radio Dabanga , it is only radio discovered this atrocious accident to all over the world . The Sudanese army raped 221 from women till the small girls during three days from 30 October till 2 November . When the world heard news of mass rape in village of Tabit , and Radio Dabanga has done effective role for the victims , when it announced the grievous relation of the crime , it considered crime against humanity and human being dignity , whatever the international community said or denounced the atrocious actions of Sudanese government in Khartoum . The Islamist regime should be encountered internationally , last decisions of Security Council have no any efficiency on the earth in western region , although Darfurian issue was internationalized , the international community is busy by other things, lives in deep sleep , and it has forgotten human of Darfur last years , the suffering is continuing ..
Issue of mass rape in village of Tabit spreaded all over the world in fews days , and world has known the grievous and painful massacre of rape last year . Someone commented derisively , event of collective rape , it suddened the authority ,like the fire spreads in the heap of straw . After that the international community and independent organizations asked to open perfect investigation in Tabit events . At first time , the Sudanese government rejected the request of international delegation of Unamid to go to the village of Tabit , passed more than six days from atrocious accident , the nation persisted to open investigation in Tabit , then repetitive pressures to the government, agreed the procedures of investigation in Tabit , and however members of the international forces in western region accompanied them individuals from Sudanese security apparatus , police , army to do the inquiry in village of Tabit ..
The accompany of Sudanese government with the members of international forces till village of Tabit , it could explained , there is point , the governmental authorities try to obscure it from the eye of international organizations and the security council too , during governmental inquiry , all residents of the area were fearful , it is simple question , how can the investigate to complete ? , and the officers of army surround the women and girls of the village , at that time , the victims live under the threat and fear of revenge .
Next day , after Unamid left village of Tabit , the same force of keeping peace in Darfur published the investigation of Tabit , the result of investigation of Unamid has denied the mass rape in the village , firstly government of Sudan welcome the result of investigation , investigation of international forces shaped shock for many in Sudan and out side the country , many of politician and activists , independents organizations , monitors of human rights refused investigation of Unamid , they considered it , it is partial to the Sudanese government , some one of Sudanese activists described investigation of forces of Unamid , said , the investigation was provocative , the criminal and rapist has become innocent , then the fear will chase the victims of mass rape forever . Forces of peacekeepers in the Western region Darfur presented the the government service freely , without any feeling the victims , this is not the first time , it always conspires with Khartoum . When the government decided to accompany the Unamid , it was aiming to obscure the facts on the earth , then intimidates the residents and victims of mass rape in the village , it had come true its goal for specific period , there are trials to falsify real will of victims of mass rape . There are many organizations and activists in diaspora refused to accept or believe the inquiry in Darfur region , the activists mentioned the victims of rape have compelled to talk in hard complicated conditions , however they appeal the authorities reinqire , but the government rejected it , it has said , investigation keeping peace is eventual inquiry , no trial to reinvestigate , the all appeals from others failed , the authority has blocked this way in front of any one ..
In month of February organization of human rights watch has published its investigation about mass rape that took place in village of Tabit , the doubts round Unamid inquiry were true , the investigation of human rights watch has found the acceptance and approval . After 4 months , the international organization picked up cover of mass rape , it declared it internationally , it was perfect investigation , the whole inquiry continued 4 months . After that , the united nation require the government to investigate again , because inquiry of Unamid is doubtful and partial . In this investigation , the victims of mass rape confirmed , it had happened , some of witness who attended late , heard what has happened in 30 of last October , investigation of human rights confirmed too ,military officers ordered the soldiers to do the rape , when they failed to find the lost soldier in Tabit , the investigation mentioned , some of soldiers confessed to human rights watch , they made sure , they were high instructions from some military officers in garrion close by Tabit . Organization of human rights watch interviewed with more than 40 victims , all of them confirmed the rape has occurred . Regime of Khartoum thinks , this investigation is conspiracy against it , it aims to prolong existence of Unamid in Darfur , it repeats the security situation in region develops from the past , the regime wants to improvise the world , all over the world sees campaign of decisive summer in three areas Nuba Mountains , Blue Nile , Darfur , the negative effects of decisive summer , made many thousands of people displaced again in camps of North Darfur , this means new camps of displaced people , the old camps of have filled again , majority of women and children ..
The government tries to cheat its self, before others , says , mass rape of Tabit is intrigue from foreign organizations , and others to prolong existence of international forces , it is not the first , all reports of these organizations , national organizations , Sudanese activists confirmed the government uses the weapon of rape against Darfurian women , as uses military to bomb the civilians in Nuba Mountains , Blue Nile .
Appetite of government is opened to increase target the civilians in areas of wars . The international community must work to give up these crimes in these regions , call the united nation to ask the security council to ban the military airplanes , and expand task of international peacekeepers , give them task of protection and defend the civilians in Darfur . The world became like the audience ,criticizes only . Government of Khartoum is going on its rape and bomb the civilians , it does not care , what will the international community say ? , or what did the international community say ? , the Islamic regime realizes ,there is complete ignorance , what happen in Sudan ? ..
The international community sleeps in deep dream .
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