Defeatism of American organization

Hassan Ishag

Omer Albashir the Sudanese president , he is typifying the condition of tyrant and dictator in his country , he is still ruling twenty five years , and theatre of general election will give him five years again , it will be years of harvest more bloods , it is distinct of killing people in regions of conflicts now , campaigns of death is continuous daily .

Visiting of Ali Kerti foreign minister of Sudan to United States of America like ransom has presented from Christian organization , made more Sudanese in Washington so angry ,Kerti was leader of Islamist militia named popular defense before independence of South Sudan , same forces after change its name into the fast support , practice old hobby of killing again in Blue Nile , Nuba Mountains , Darfurian states now …

All over the world heard their decisive summer in those areas , it is free propaganda works to facilitate the genocide and ethnic cleanse , the Sudanese regime lives in international solitude , it is not good verdict like this respectful organization do to this step , specially in this crucial period , kerti is bloody man in government of National Congress Party , however is notorious of human rights , its document is full of encroachments ..

The National Congress Party in Sudan works and activates day and night to forbid interference the humanitarian assistances in two areas , more than three years , children have not injected yet , no medicines for small children under five years old , never arrive to the areas of civilians , there is comprehensive blockade of food and medicine , Sudanese government persists , no emergence assistances interfere . Beginning of this year , regime of Khartoum announced its military operations pf decisive summer , it could be described , retaliative operations against the innocent people , that point of get rid of revolutionary front in Nuba mountains , Blue Nile , Darfurian region . The retaliative operations targeted civilians areas only , not the areas that occupied the revolutionary movements , and specific in East mara mountains in west of Sudan , this has led to new waves of displaced people to the camps in North Darfur state .Showing of governmental forces is parade of professional killing in this year 2015 ..

The international community or international society is conspirator at this crucial moment , and the international community has become only audience the second genocide in Sudan , which rules by Islamist extremist gang , the extremist regime depends on policy of burning land , follow by ethnic genocide again , then compel the civilians to immigrate , the majority of Sudanese do not understand , why the international community , members of united nation , and security council are silent , then ignore voices of victims until now , what did the Sudanese regime do for them at time of theatre of death goes quickly ? , no decisive decisions could be imposed to make the president Albashir gives up that , the condemn alone has not affection on the earth , when the regime challenges the security council in the media , says international criminal court under my shoes during the popular speech , after accused the president committed crimes of wars , crimes against humanity , crimes of collective genocide , all members obligated the shameful silence.

The Sudanese owners of suffering, they are alone require to comeback of peace and settlement to their villages .

The American administration commented on visit of Sudanese foreign minister , they have not presented to the regime of Khartoum , the invitation was from Christian organization , appreciation for his role in release Maryam Ibrahim , she was accused changed her religion and believed the Christianity ,Maryam is wife of Sudanese has American nationality . The organization must appreciate and respect souls of regime victims in Sudan , Kerti is one of bloody regime , his background in the past ,leader of popular defense practiced the regulate killing in the South , same forces reproduced in the fast support , and now they are enjoying the mass rape , and plunder and abduction workers and employers in western region , after that are asking financial ransom to release them , these actions happens inside the big cities, cities under control the authority , the world is so quiet , calm .

The international pressure played important role for release Maryam , the American organization realizes that well , the extremist Islamist regime never believes the multiple freedoms , it is respect rights of others , the religious freedoms ,cultural , I make sure , this organization follows and monitors , what happen in our country , they know the evaluation of human rights in country rules by the iron of security apparatus …

Moreover Minister of foreign his past in the jihadism war did not cancelled , his hands are full of pouring blood , he persists to serve the same regime , and the old policy is continuing after extension their military operations , Kerti was one extremist Islamist who inciting the youths to participate in jihadism war , worked day and night to recruit them in the militia , how for the man by all these descriptions and finds official invitation from this organization?.
Does American administration want the dialogue with regime of Khartoum ? . The American administration have to realize well , the dialogue with bloody government will put it on the brink of risk , then lose its respect in front of millions of Sudanese in diaspora all over the world , the dual conversation means the American administration stands for the extremist regime , assist the killers and suckers of innocent to perpetuate , and leave the needful people alone disappointed in camps of refugees and displaced people .

The Christian organization must not praise minister of foreign , his roles , actions , at this moment is decisive in life of majority in areas of conflicts , minister like Kerti never deserves any invitation , and appreciation in the same time .

Members of Sudanese regime who participated to commit the crimes in periods of their rule , really they deserve the accountability , the punishment , who wait the bogus justice in the republican castle to come true the justice for all marginalists and victims of Islamist front , their waiting will be long , the foreign forces must press the Sudanesen regime at this stage , we confess , may be under the table of interests is hidden affective game , but we must never depend only the international community , all the forces who desire the real change , revolutionary movements , political parties , organisations of civil society , youth movement , must have one aim , should be decisive , not like decisive of summer , decisive to topple the regime by the all ways .

Therefore , American constitution confesses the right of people in the life , right of life should be in peace and stability , the rights persecute, when the wars are going on , the American administration in this time have to understand , who want support and get their dignity back ? , they are victims of regime , no minister of foreign , and assistant of president republic , the strange behavior of the Christian organization , it is the message of new defeatism from united states of America .

There is dangerous defiance until united states realizes picture of human rights is vague , there is doubt , does united states defend of the rights in it , or all over the world , or steps to look for its only interests , with ignorance the persecutions of Sudanese government in Khartoum …

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