Sudan: French ambassador expelled from press conference in Khartoum

The French ambassador in Khartoum Bruno Hubert has been expelled from participating in a press conference in the Sudanese capital Khartoum to protest the French cartoons published in the Charlie Hebdo magazine. The Sudanese independent media center “Teeba Press� said in a press release on Saturday that it has prevented the French ambassador from participating in a press conference it hosted over the anti-Islamic cartoons the magazine published last Wednesday.

“The French ambassador Bruno Hubert has suddenly come to a press conference organized by the center for the French expert in modern development Micheal Kontal� the center said.

“The ambassador has come without prior invitation and asked to give him an opportunity to talk, but we refused to let him participate� the statement added.

The center has further condemned the French cartoons, adding that there is clear border between freedom of expression and abuse of religious beliefs.

Thousands of angery Sudanese Muslims have demonstrated in Khartoum on Friday against the new Anti-Islamic carton published by the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.

The protesters who marched in Khartoum streets after the Friday prayers have raised many slogans against the French magazine and government.
They further called on the government of Sudan to expel the French ambassador in Khartoum.

The protestors have surrounded the French embassy and the French cultural Center in Khartoum down town, shouting against the French government.
However the police dispersed the demonstrators using tear gas and sticks.

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