Further Breakdown of Sudan is good for the breakdown of slavery

Further Breakdown of Sudan is good for the breakdown of slavery

By: Joljol Mohamed Yahya
God so love the man that He created the man in His image, set him to live freely and independently in the world that God had blessed it to the man and to lesser extent without His (God’s) interference into man’s deeds, whether black, white, light skinned and brown people and you named them.

It is true that the black people of African origins in Sudan are being traded by the by Khartoum elites as the fourth class citizens or as slaves or even as non-citizens, despite the fact that the country, ‘Sudan’ was named after its black inhabitants who naturally dwelled Sudan since God created Sudan and before the incursion of Arabs into Sudan. Sudan’s crisis was and is about racial injustice more than it is a political crisis. And the truth whether the racial discrimination dose exist or not, it is evident that the Sudan’s margins which are densely populated by the African tribes were and are being deprived from receiving their dues which could have been, the development of basic service facilities such as hospitals, schools, roads and electricity and the list of such services that were prohibited to those regions is long. It is obvious that the Sudanese Africans are kept in what I call as ‘captivity slavery cells’ which proved to be worse than that of apartheid which in South Africa and segregation in the United States. Opposition forces in Sudan whether armed or civil often neglected to raise the issue of race problems in Sudan. Regime change alone in Khartoum is not enough if the mentality of the riverine sons towards none Arabs has not been changed. In the United States, Martin Luther King JR during his struggle for civil rights spoke out clearly and said “whites are enslaving black people, whites are persecuting and discriminating against black people”. Martin had endeavored and changed the stereotypes, hatred and mentality of white people toward black people in America. Today America is the best place that one can wish to live because of its social justice.

I had an Arab friend in Khartoum who at one time, and solemnly informed me that, the Sudanese blacks will not rule Sudan as long as the Arabs still live in Sudan. Why? I questioned him. His reply was, “The Sudanese blacks are always slaves and they will continue to end up slaves, why should slaves rule Arabs?” That friend of mine questioned me. I was shocked and run short of the words and there was no phrase for me to express, I shut my mouth up. Now, let us co-relate this statement to that as to why Sudan was never governed by a non-Arab president, I meant a president from marginalized peripheries of Sudan such as Darfur, Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains? A president of African origin from Sudan‘s margins seems not to be inevitable simply because of the hatred that still exist in Sudan against Sudanese people of African origin or against non-Arabs. Now wait a moment and let us take a look at Criminal’s cabinet, I meant Al Bashir’s cabinet ministers starting from himself as a president, his vice-president and the second vice president and the key ministerial positions, all are held by the members of the same ethnicity, collectively all are Arabs. Despite all this injustice, Sudan’s various governments from 1956 up to date, continued to deprive the marginalized people from their basic rights let alone their political rights which, a democratic country could provide no matter what race they belong as long as they are its nationals.

Sudan with its current regime is infected with chronic and sophisticated racial and social injustice and the victims of such injustice are the people of Darfur, Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile. Sudan government with its present Political structure is too deformed to be reformed; Sudan has to be broken down to be rebuilt it again on new basis agreed upon by Sudanese people.
Joljol Mahmed Yahya is a Darfuri genocide survivor who has been forced by the current racist regime in Khartoum to live outside the country of his nationality and he can be reached at joljol232@gmail.co.

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