A Statement from JEM on ..Alleged Participation of JEM in War in the South sudan

The Sudan Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)


Alleged Participation of JEM in War in the South
A Statement from JEM

Khartoum newspapers claimed Sunday 17th of August, 2004 that JEM forces participated in battles near the capital of Utility State, South Sudan. The report further claimed a high-ranking officer of JEM was killed and tens of JEM soldiers were either killed or taken prisoners. We state the following regarding this false allegation:

This report is simply false. JEM has no soldiers in the Unity State or any other State in the Republic Sudan. JEM is not involved in the current strife in the South, has no plans to do so and wishes the Republic speedy peace and stability.
We invite anybody who has a JEM war prisoner captured in the battles in question to present him/her to international media. We likewise challenge the reporters to name the high-ranking commander and other JEM soldiers they had killed in the Unity State battles.
It is not unusual for the racist junta in Khartoum to spread such rumours as camouflage for its well-verified involvement in the current wars in South and divert attention away from its direct military assistance to a party to the conflict.
We appeal to responsible media outlets to crosscheck their information, particularly when it is sourced in the Khartoum’s Media Centre, an affiliate of the National Security Organ of the government.

Long lives our struggle for Justice and Equality.

Gibreel Adam Bilal
Spokesperson, JEM

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