Sudanese security raids al-Saiha newspaper HQ in search of government documents

May 28, 2014 (KHARTOUM) – The office of Sudan’s state security prosecutor led a raid on the headquarters of al-Saiha newspaper which was suspended from publishing indefinitely this month by the di

rector of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) after a string of reports it published on corruption by government officials, most notably Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice.

Sudan’s official news agency (SUNA) quoted state security

prosecutor Yasser Ahmed Mohamed that they took action against the newspaper under articles 21/24/25/26/55/66 of the Criminal Code and article 24/26 of the Press and Publications Law.

Mohamed said that the raid was carried out over suspicion of violation of Article 55 of the Criminal Code which prohibits circulating government documents outside the official channels.

Al-Saiha editor in chief Yasser Mahjoub was arrested before being released later on his own recognizance.

The prosecution said he found many published and unpublished documents adding that investigation will continue in response to NISS complaint.

Al-Saiha was launched recently by the chairman of the Just Peace Forum (JPF) party and President Bashir’s maternal uncle, al-Tayeb Mustafa, after NISS forced him out of his previous newspaper al-Intibaha.

NISS banned Al-Intibaha after JPF spoke out against economic measures announced last September, condemning the bloody repression of anti-austerity protests that broke out following the decision. The paper was allowed to resume operations on the condition that Mustafa step down as chairman.

The JPF, a splinter faction of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP), is a radical Islamist and separatist party. During the transitional period of 2005-2011, it campaigned strongly for separation between Sudan and the South.

Last week, the Sudanese presidency delivered a firm warning to media outlets on its coverage of certain items that poses a danger to national security and the country as a whole.

The Sudanese minister of information Ahmed Bilal Osman said the NISS has the legal right to suspend al-Saiha and any media raising confusion and dissension in the country.

He however reaffirmed that the suspension in such cases does not mean reneging on freedom of information.


EU call on Sudan to lift press curbs

(Radio Dabanga) The European Union (EU) has called on Sudan “to abstain from acts and statements that might derail the process of National Dialogue”. In a statement on Wednesday: the EU Delegation and EU Heads of Mission accredited to Sudan as well as the Head of Mission of Norway say that they have closely observed and taken note of the launching and evolution of the Presidential Initiative for national dialogue having conducted broad consultations with a wide range of political parties, youth organisations, civil society groups, intellectuals and other stakeholders on the process of national dialogue in Sudan. In this regard, we express great concern about recent actions, specifically measures imposing renewed limits on freedom of the press, and the freedoms of expression, association, participation, assembly and religion. The arrest and continued detention of opposition leader El Sadig El Mahdi in particular risks having an adverse effect on the process of national dialogue. We therefore call on the Sudanese government to continue to work for peace, a meaningful national dialogue and full respect for human rights and basic political freedoms.”

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Sudanese editor released after interrogation

(Radio Dabanga) The editor-in-chief of Al Saiha daily newspaper, Yassir Mahjoub, has been released after hours of interrogation on Wednesday evening. He was questioned by a special prosecutor investigating media violations. He was detained by plain-clothes officers of the National Security Service and accused of publishing documents about corruption involving the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, Osam Al Din Abdelgadir. The security officers entered the building at 6pm and started to thoroughly search the offices of the editor. They took some papers related to corruption within the government, including the undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, Osam Al Din Abdelgadir.

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Sudanese court acquits ex-army soldier charged with killing a protester

(Sudan Tribune) A Sudanese court on Wednesday has acquitted the suspect in the killing of Sara Abdel-Bagi who was shot during the protests which erupted last September following the government’s decision to lift fuel subsidies. The trial, which took place at a court in Khartoum North, was attended by the victim’s family and activists. When the acquittal verdict was read, the courtroom saw a mixture of contradictory emotions ranging from anger and agitation to joy and cheering. The family of the victim and the activists shouted slogans against the government and denounced the verdict, underscoring the victim’s blood will not be wasted in vain. The judge said he acquitted the suspect, Sami Mohamed Ahmed Ali, of the murder charges because he was not convinced by the testimonies of the 11 witnesses, highlighting their inconsistency.

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Sudan’s PCP warns government against backing any side in Libya conflict

(Sudan Tribune) Sudan’s opposition Popular Congress Party (PCP) has warned Sudan, Egypt, and Chad against intervening militarily in Libya in favor of one of the conflicting parties stressing that the move will have negative consequences on the country and the region. The PCP’s foreign relations secretary, Bashir Adam Rahma, said at a press conference on Wednesday that the current volatile security situation in Libya negatively impacts Sudan, emphasizing that the latter should remain neutral. He recalled reports revealing that the European Union (EU) had spent $700 million in ammunition purchases to help bring Col. Gaddafi’s regime to an end in 2011. Rahma underscored that deteriorating security situation in Libya would adversely affect his country.

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Hassabo Criticizes U.S. Boycott to Chinese Policies towards Africa

(Sudan Vision) Vice President of the Republic, Dr. Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman criticized the U.S. declared boycott to the Chinese policies towards African nations. Addressing the dialogue conference for the future in the Chinese capital Beijing, on behalf of 22 countries of West Asia and North Africa, Hassabo said that constructive cooperation based on mutual interests should prevail at this stage to confirm the free cooperation in the future, praising the model of China in cooperation with countries of West Asia and North Africa without dominance.

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